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An Exciting New Lofree X B.Duck Collab

B.Duck is known for being fun, playful, and is designed for people of all ages. With B.Duck’s twinkly eyes, puffy lips, big tummy, and variety of bright colors, it’s a fun innovative reiteration of the classic rubber duckie.

Lofree aims to bring back a sense of nostalgia with all its products. With the B.Duck inspired collection, Lofree aims to bring people back to childhood with their favorite rubber duckie.

By collaborating with the popular B.Duck, Lofree transformed the classic Dot keyboard with custom B.Duck designs and keycap colors. BUT, we didn’t just stop after the keyboard, we created an entire Lofree X B.Duck set! The Lofree X B.Duck collection comes with a B.Duck Dot keyboard, palm rest, and reversible keyboard mat.

The first backers can get the Lofree X B.Duck set for only $199 with code LOFREEXBDUCK; 30% discount off its original $285 retail price!