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Coming Soon: Lofree QTV’s Tribute to the Past

A mini time travelling machine to take you back to a time of black and white movies, only having 3 channels, and actors like Katharine Hepburn. We wanted to design the Lofree QTV to bring back all those nostalgic feelings and memories.

Lofree QTV Retro Speaker Alarm

Our designers found inspiration from the vintage TV sets because it was where families gathered and bonded after a long day of hard work. It was a place where stories were told, laughers were shared, and memories were made.

Not only did we want the look to remind you of the past, we wanted the QTV to feel like it too when you pick it up and hold it in the palm of your hands. Enamel was popularly used to make kitchenware during this time period. We wanted people to be transported back to when they were young and eating their favourite home-cooked meal off of their enamel crafted plates.

Though the Lofree QTV was inspired by a simpler time, it is still designed to make a statement. There’s a reason why it doesn’t come in dull colors, but instead, bright and playful colors. When you take the QTV out, it’s going to steal all the attention.

The Lofree QTV is the newest member of our Lofree family. Click here to check out all its colors and features. We all like to play with the new and shiny toy, but can’t neglect the older ones either. Our beloved Lofree Poison Speaker received much positive feedback and featured in multiple media outlets.