Hygge, coziness, mindfulness, minimalism, self-care, bullet journaling - We bet you've come across at least one if not more of these in your days spent scrolling through content online. These topics have occupied many creators' days, be it for YouTube videos about their morning routines or in long post blogs filled with complete guides on how to hygge. 

And yet, these themes are even more relevant this year. 2020 has been filled with many surprises. From a deadly pandemic to economic fall-down, from political protests worldwide to new conspiracy theories. You name it; we have had it all this year. 

With everything that's happening, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. We feel that way, too. While reading the news was a priority during the early months, this habit now triggers a feeling of anxiety, uncertainty, and hopelessness that we all know too well. 

While we're getting ready for what we hope will be a better year, it's time to re-set our priorities and adjust our routines for a post-COVID world. That's where the need for a hygge lifestyle becomes even more essential. 

But first, what the hell is hygge?

How to implement a hygge lifestyle with Lofree


Hygge - Not a Pumpkin Spiced Latte trend (Or kind of?)

Hygge, hyg- What? This Danish term pronounced "hoo-ga" is hard to translate into English. It's not exactly something that you can either do or don't do; it has more shades than you might think. The 50 Shades (and more) of Hygge start with making your life cozier, more natural, and more in line with your true self.

Hygge is a lifestyle. It refers to the feeling you get when reading a book with a cup of hot tea in your hands and a blanket covering your legs. Hygge is when you come back home from work, dim down the lights, turn on some scented candles, and put on rhythmic tunes. But hygge is also when you're spending a cozy night with friends, a glass of red wine in your hands while you're eating pizza and laughing together. 

It sounds like a dream life because it actually is. However, despite the fairy rainbow vibes that you might have got from the examples we just shared, hygge is a true thing, and it can be applied for real in your daily life. Keep scrolling to discover how. 

What are some of the elements of a hygge lifestyle?

What about minimalism? There are different thought currents, each differing from the other. Some would tell you that you should only be wearing natural tones and hand-made clothes to be a minimalist. Others would disagree, saying that experimenting with colors is fun and liberating (we stand on this second point, FYI). 

The same goes for veganism, feminism, and more. Hygge is one of them, too. There is no such thing as the perfect hyggerian, and each person can interpret this concept and apply it in different ways. In other words, there's not a right or wrong hygge.

But these are some of the most common objects you'll see mentioned in many hygge guides, so we'll be no exception:

  1. Candles
  2. Fireplaces or stream fires
  3. Throw blankets
  4. Plants
  5. Homemade sweets, comfort food, and hot drinks
  6. Any other of the many Lofree products, from our speakers to retro mechanical keyboards

Pardon the quick ad, but our products are designed to represent what is known as minimalism with colors. We're minimalists, we're designers, and we're hyggers. But we love colors too. And we don't want to sacrifice our color palettes only to obey a more traditional Muji-style type of minimalism. Check out our many product collections here!

Now, let's move back to the core of this topic: how to hygge your life.

Hygge your life with Lofree


10 Ways To Implement Hygge in Your Routine

2020 has, for sure, transformed your routines just as much as it did for us. Days spent working from home, blocked at home, studying from home. Your home is indeed the best place to implement a hygge lifestyle. You can actually apply it to every environment you find yourself in, be it your office or while traveling.

Here are some general tips on how to hygge your life:

  1. Make time to unwind
  2. Embrace seasons
  3. Get out in nature
  4. But also bring nature indoors
  5. Practice balance
  6. Say no
  7. Leave work at a reasonable time
  8. Simplify your routines
  9. Spend time with quality friends and/or a great book
  10. Unplug from technology regularly

What else?

As you might have guessed from this post, hygge is probably something that you've experienced without even knowing it. It's all about feeling present and spending quality time with yourself or your loved ones. 

These feelings of coziness and contentment are some of the ingredients to a happy life; at least that's what we can learn from Danes. No wonder that according to the 2020 World Happiness Report, Denmark ranks high as one of the happiest countries around the world, second only to Finland. 

Right now, when our world feels a little bit uncertain, hygge is a way to practice self-care that feels sincere and makes us feel good. Discover our retro mechanical keyboards and other products to style your home and surround yourself with the beauty of simplicity!