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Welcome Palmer to the Lofree Family

Since we launched our first Lofree crowdfunding campaign, our mission is to create products that meet your needs. Thanks to Cameron Ross Steiner and other Lofree supporters, we finally found a name for the palm rest, the Palmer!  It’s the best companion for your beloved Lofree mechanical keyboard.

Over the past few months, we’ve tested several kinds of material for the inner and outer layer as well as the stitching for the Palmer. After a series of user experience testings, we’ve finally perfected the designed for the Palmer.

With the Palmer, make typing longer even more comfortable with its slow rebound memory cotton It’s simplistic design comes in 2 colors and pairs with desk setup.

As a reward for all the Lofree early supporters, we’re offering an exclusive 50% off discount for the Palmer at only $15 USD. Use the code LOFREEPALMER to redeem your discount!

P.S. There were many great name suggestions, don’t feel discouraged if you weren’t picked this time. Also, thanks for the name Cameron and we’ll be contacting you soon to deliver you your free Palmer Palm Rest!