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LOFREE DIGIT Number Pad & Calculator
Wireless, Retro, Mechanical, All In One

Add a blast from the past to your office setup with LOFREE's wireless Number Pad & Calculator! Its classic design and responsive Gateron Blue Switches make it the perfect companion for your laptop, while its built-in calculator lets you quickly crunch the numbers without needing to switch devices. Enjoy a retro-cool look with all the modern features you need!


3 Colors for Your Choice

The Classic LOFREE Design

Number Pad & Calculator

Featuring sturdy mechanical keys and a beautiful design, you can now easily and quickly type in numbers and solve your math problems without having to turn to your phone. Get ready to experience more efficiency and less distraction.

Gateron Blue Switch

Experience the tactile satisfaction of crunching the numbers on LOFREE DIGIT's mechanical key switches and feel your productivity growing with each click and clack. Get the perfect blend of a number pad and calculator to support you in your tasks.

Both Options

LOFREE DIGIT Number Pad & Calculator features a wireless Bluetooth connection, providing a streamlined and organized way to make complex calculations without the hassle of cables. With a single charge, this device can be used for up to one month, helping optimize productivity by reducing distractions.

Support Multiple Devices

Offers users the seamless ability to connect their laptop, iPad, or phone simultaneously while allowing instant switching between the devices. With the use of Bluetooth capable of allowing up to three connections simultaneously, LOFREE DIGIT simplifies the process.

LED Backlit

The backlight feature ensures that numbers are easily visible, even in dimly lit rooms, so you can work comfortably late into the night with decreased eye strain.

Name: Digit Number Pad & Calculator
Model: EH113
Keys: 20
Backlit: LED White
Battery: 800mAh
Charging Time: 2Hrs
Port: Micro USB
Connections: Bluetooth /Wired
Bluetooth ID: Digit@lofree
Dimension: 148 x 92 x 35mm
Weight: 180g

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Monica Holly
Works amazing!!

First of all I'd like to correct that it does work with a Mac! I have a MacBook Pro, all you have to do is turn on your bluetooth. Then on the calculator put it to bluetooth at the top, hold FN(0) and 1 together to enter pairing mode, pair the calculator with the Mac and it's paired!

To check if it works go to calculator app on the Mac. Check to see your LofreeCalculator is not on calculator mode (as when you type numbers it will only appear on the calculator. It will have a calculator symbol)

Press 'NUM/Calc' and you'll see on the top right corner of the calculator it will toggle to different modes.

Works amazing and is clicky!

Yan Jin
Very cute

Looks cute and feels nice. But the Bluetooth doesn’t work with my MAC. Otherwise, good.