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LOFREE TOUCH Interchangeable Mouse Button Set

Personalize your LOFREE TOUCH PBT wireless mouse with a set of interchangeable buttons. Made of non-glossy and skin-friendly PBT material, they come with 2 pairs of mouse button 1 and mouse button 2. Mix-and-match different colors to find your perfect style.

PharaohDear KittyRush StreetBananaWonderland

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Play at Will

Make some fun to your LOFREE TOUCH PBT Wireless Mouse with a set of interchangeable buttons.

85% of PBT Content

LOFREE made it 85% of PBT content as a result of massive production and upcoming dye-sublimation.

Five-Sided Dye-Sublimation

To make the legends and patterns highly visible and durable, we upgrade the Dye-Sub into Five-Sided one. We set up a special production line for PBT keycap sets. It is a highly labor intensive printing method that a special paper is first printed with the legends, then the legends on the paper is specially heat transferred onto the keycap. 

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