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Watch out! Don't get lost in wavy chips.

Introducing LOFREE's "Wavy Chips" Bluetooth Mouse Milk Tea Edition, engineered with multi-finger gesture support and 2.4G and Bluetooth dual connectivity capabilities for up to 2 devices. Its ergonomic, wavy-chip style buttons ensure a crisp feel with every click, ensuring you stay productive and comfortable all day.


Focus On Every Touch

A Chipaholic

When bending over a desk, potato chips are absolutely essential. We always have some sort of bag of chips in LOFREE office. We decided to gave a better, crispy feeling of clicking on our LOFREE "Wavy Chips" Bluetooth Mouse.
Why Wavy Chips? Huh...it is the best kind of potato chip for dipping! No doubt about that.

Dual Mode Connection

Bluetooth V4.0

Wireless 2.4G

Connect with up to 2 devices

Support multi-finger gesture and simultaneous connection by dual devices.

Ajustable Sensitivity

800/1200/1600/2400/3600, for different resolution display.


8Hrs Clicking


3 Minutes Charged

50 Days Clicking


Fully Charged



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