Inspired by Milk Tea

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LOFREE DOT “Milk Tea” Mechanical Keyboard
Inspired by typewriters, it is built with elegant and milk tea vibe.

Experience a unique and stylish typing experience with the LOFREE DOT "Milk Tea" Mechanical Keyboard. Get lost in the creamy beige tone that's not too warm or cool – a perfect balance between light brown and dark blonde for a modern city lady look. Feel inspired and passionate as you type with this beautiful and vibrant mechanical keyboard.

Keyboard OnlyKeyboard + MouseKeyboard + Mouse + Numberpad & CalculatorKeyboard + Mouse + Numberpad & Calculator + Reversible MatKeyboard + Mouse + Numberpad & Calculator + "Candly" Lamp + "Pilot" Fan + Reversible Mat

A Popular Mechanical Keyboard

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A Dot is A Lot


The Design

Its uniquely designed round, spherical keycaps offer an ergonomic and comfortable typing experience, while its passionate design and strong opinions bring a whole new level of excitement to the world of typing. Experience it now - you won't regret it!

Gateron Blue Switch

We select Gateron Blue switches to make the mechanical keyboard sounds like your retro typewriter, for it has a unique clicky touch feel and a louder sound. Typing is smooth with a tactile feedback.

  • Operating force: 60±15 gf
  • Pre-travel: 2.3±0.6 mm
  • Travel distance: 4±0.6 mm
  • Pre-lubed: Yes
  • Behavior: Clicky
  • Usa scenario: Typing


Four Backlits

LOFREE DOT features four different backlit settings - Weak, Moderate, Bright and Strong. Whether you’re working in the dark and want to adjust use the full backlit or you just want the letters to be visible, this can be done with a press of a button.

  Wireless & Wired


Micro USB

3 Devices in Bluetooth

With LOFREE DOT you can connect up to 3 different devices. And easily switch between them with a quick switch on the keyboard.

Multisystem Layouts

N Key Rollover

With N-key rollover (NKRO) you can register as many keys as you can press at once without missing out characters.


Mac Layout

LOFREE DOT is fully compatible with Mac’s functional keys (F1 to F12) without any additional setup from your side. That means you'll be able to adjust the brightness and volume, use launchpad, mission control among the other multifunctional keys from your lofree keyboard. 

Productivity Ensured

Work at Any Will


Number of Keys: 78 (Mechanical Switch)

Number of Multimedia Keys: 12

Main Body Material: PC

Keycap Material: PC and ABS

Backlit: White LED

Battery: 4,000mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

Bluetooth Working Time (Backlit Off): Around 6 months (Single Charge)

Bluetooth Working Time (Backlit 40%): Around 3 weeks (Single Charge)

Bluetooth Working Time (Backlit 70%): Around 2 weeks (Single Charge)

Bluetooth Working Time (Backlit 100%): Around 1 week (Single Charge)

Charging Time: Around 5 hrs (USB 3.0)

Charging Port: Micro USB

Mode: Bluetooth/Cable

Bluetooth Operating Distance: Up To 10m (Open Space)

Bluetooth Device Name: DOT@LOFREE

Size: 296.6*144.5*30.6mm

Weight: ~800g

Operating Environment: -10 to 50℃

What's in the box?
  • Lofree Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard * 1
  • USB Cable * 1
  • Package * 1
  • User Guide * 1

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Marines Rodriguez - Jaume
Not working

Bad … the keyboard , calculator and mouse didn’t pair with my computer.
The customer service is awful, and they ask me to send back the equipment on my expense.
This company is in china and it cost almost 400.00 dollars to send back the equipment.
So know I have to keep it and is not working.

Favi CU
Not worth the hype - quality and customer service

I got the tea color set last year, it included the Dot, Digit, and Maus. Upon receiving my items my mouse came with an issue. The receiver to the mouse was unfunctional. I emailed customer service which they sent me a zipped file to reprogram the mouse. What I hate about any company is the lack of ownership. They wanted me to fix an issue that was their fault. They inconvenienced me to fix their problem. They didn't offer a replacement for my mouse. I stopped emailing them and accepted my loss of $299+. The Bluetooth is shaky, I took my laptop to my local computer solutions store and found no issue with my laptop. I never sent an email to customer service about another issue and that is my Digit keyboard. If I type 10, the "0" won't register. I can type 45 and both numbers register. The zero has a lag when typed with another number, but if I press "0" rapidly and it will register.

I bought this after watching a couple of influencers rave about this product. I loved the aesthetics, but I would suggest buying your keyboards from somewhere reliable. Lofree I hope you can build a better business model in the future. Take advice from other companies as to how really fix problems. I wasn't asking for a grand gesture, just fix the faulty product YOU sent me.

Faez Bobita
Despite babying it, the LED under the letter "D" is now dying.

I have been with mine for only 7 months. Fuck you

Ana França

O teclado é incrível, veio super bem embalado e chegou antes do prazo. Recomendo e em breve comprarei mais itens.