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この特別な DIY キーキャップ セットを使用して、LOFREE 1% 透明キーボードの独特の外観を作成します。このセットには、キーキャップを簡単にカスタマイズできる接着アクセサリが付いた 6 つの透明なスペース キーが付属しています。キーキャップの中空構造を独自の小さなアクセサリーで装飾して、ユニークな 1% 透明キーボードを生成します。

A Magic Tool

As we all know, the LOFREE 1% Transparent Keycaps are hollow structure, leaving imagination for customizing your own style 1% keyboard. Based on the concept of user co-creation, we design the transparency and hope everyone can have the fun of rebuilding your 1% keyboard.

*Please slide for more Space Keys aesthetics.

Redesign Your Own
1% Keybaord

More decorations you prepare, more styles you design. The LOFREE 1% Transparent Keycap DIY Set provides you with 6 space keys, however, with further imagination, you can decorate more keycaps like keys of Enter, Shift, Backspace and so on. Just be mindful that take seriously on the alphabet keys, which are too small to be easily handled.

*Please slide for more showcases of full keyboard

7 Steps to Customize 

Your Own Style

Only need to prepare your own small gadgets for yourself and get stick to these 7 steps. Have fun making it!

*Please note that we don't offer the decorating gadgets.

*Please slide for watching the next steps.

Details that can be avoided

What if too much resin causes overflow when closing the lid?

Wipe off the excess resin timely to ensure that there is no excess resin residue on the keycap surface. Note that the keycap should not be tilted and should be kept in a horizontal position to prevent the glue from flowing out again.

What if Insufficient resin causes the bubbles after drying?

This is not very controllable. Once the lid is closed, the resin cannot be dripped anymore. We recommended you to use 1-2 keycaps for testing before you start.

What if the cover of the space bar is put on in the wrong direction?

Note that the cross column should face up. If the position cannot be adjusted properly, try rotating clockwise.

What if Overfilled resin leads to the lid not being able to close after drying?

It may be a failed work. Pay attention to the amount of resin in the early stage, which should be controlled at about 80% of the keycap height. If you are unsure the final position, we recommend you to cover the lid timely to reduce the risk of keycap damage.

How to choose the right size of decorations?

The size of the accessories must be below 80% of the keycap height.

What if resin gets on your hands?

Clean with water/alcohol wipes/or use alcohol gel to rub your hands and quickly clean them.

What if the lid cannot be closed?

We recommend you cover the lid timely after production to avoid it unable to close after solidification

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