Lofree Four Seasons Keyboard

A Customizable Mechanical Keyboard To Brighten Up Your Life

Lofree TV Alarm Speaker
Start Everyday with a Retro Throwback

Lofree Poison Wireless Speaker

A Portable Vintage Wireless Speaker

Retro and Elegant

A typewriter inspired wireless mechanical keyboard built for everyone

Nostalgic & Powerful 

A portable vintage wireless speaker that brings back your old memories with powerful Sound

"This keyboard based on a typewriter is giving us LIFE"


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"This keyboard makes you feel like you're working on an old-school typewriter"


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TechCrunch (1)
"There are plenty of color combinations to choose from and a nice backlight as well."


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When People get Lofree...


"Got my lofree speaker today and it's powerful! Love the retro color and style 🤓 "


"Here is one of my new favorites--my Lofree Bluetooth mechanical keyboard. It's a fully wireless keyboard, it sounds like a typewriter. Magic! "

@Unbox Therapy

"The lofree mechanical keyboard is an interesting approach to the mechanical keyboard craze. It's one of the nicest looking keyboards I've ever featured on Unbox Therapy"


"Trying to get this week off to a good start Thankfully I have my books to keep me company!"


"My LoFree Bluetooth mechanical keyboard is lit. Perfect for insomniac writing sessions."