The Best Travel Keyboard 2021: Lofree Wanderfree Keyboard

The Best Travel Keyboard 2021: Lofree Wanderfree Keyboard

Taking a conventional keyboard to your business or casual trip has become an obsolete trend with the arrival of Lofree wanderfree keyboards in the market. You cannot expect to carry a wired keyboard with you every time you have to travel because it not only reduces the comfort but also carries a lot of space.


Lofree also focuses on the group “on the way.”

Lofree keyboard is specifically made considering the requirements of “on the way” groups, which seek distinguished functionalities in their belongings. They cannot afford heavy luggage on their shoulders, poorly designed keyboards, and devices with poor batteries. Fortunately, Lofree wanderfree keyboard helps them realize the dream of having the keyboard of their choice and needs.

Design concepts of Lofree wanderfree keyboard on traveling:

Lofree wanderfree keyboard is designed keeping in mind some modern-day designing needs given below.


  •     Attractive suitcase design

Lofree wanderfree keyboard comes with an attractive suitcase design that helps you paint a stylish picture of your personality in front of people. The stylish suitcase portrays the sense of beauty in your personality as carrying it gives you a sense of modernity. The portable cover allows you to unwrap the keyboard immediately whenever you find it necessary.


  •     Protective cover:

The Lofree wanderfree keyboard comes with a protective cover that allows you to keep your keyboard safe and sound from any dust or pollution. Without this cover, your keyboard can get messy as you travel around the world. A dusty keyboard undoubtedly reflects a messy personality, but having a cover on it makes you look like an organized person in your circle.


  •     Portable Size

Probably the most important aspect of the Lofree wanderfree keyboard is its small size and lightweight, which makes it easier for you to carry it. You cannot afford to take out a massive keyboard every time you have to do work because it is not feasible at all. Similarly, a heavy keyboard would just increase the burden on your shoulder with no additional value-added in work. Lofree dot keyboard strives to eliminate these unnecessary hurdles from your life.

  •     Powerful compatibility

The Lofree wanderfree keyboard does not require any third-party app to work. Instead, you can use it on any device without downloading external apps that steal your data.


  •     Big battery capacity

With a 4000 mAh battery, your worries to charge your portable mechanical keyboard, again and again, seems to be over. All you have to do is to charge your device once and use it for a complete day before charging it again. When your device is left with only 20% of the battery, you will see the light blinking on your device so you can have an idea about the low battery.


The feeling of using Lofree keyboard

Lofree wanderfree keyboard gives you distinctive feelings by


  •     Highlighting your fashion taste

Conformity with trending fashion can bring a lot of value to your life. Lofree wanderfree keyboard is designed to introduce fashion to your lifestyle, which helps you look updated and modern. When everybody is jumping into the latest trends, this stylish commodity is essential to be in your belongings whenever you are planning to travel.

  •     Bring convenience

While it brings fashion into your lifestyle, providing users convenience always remains the primary objective of the Lofree wanderfree keyboard. As it is lightweight and small-sized, it is extremely easy to use anywhere. Not only this, but it has a long battery life which never forces you to charge it again and again.


Lofree wanderfree keyboard is the best travel keyboard in 2021

While there may be countless keyboards available in the market, finding a perfect one is always a challenge. However, with the arrival of the wanderfree keyboard, you do not need to worry. It is a perfect piece for travelers who need keyboards during their journeys. If you go on a business trip frequently, carrying this keyboard gives you too much flexibility and style.



Lofree is helping travelers to have unique portable keyboards that will assist all “on the way” groups during their journeys. With the assertiveness to introduce innovation in the design, our products stand out of the crowd by a big margin. Our ability to incorporate quality and style together in a machine is what makes it unique in the saturated market. Our willingness to help users through our products and customer support brings more and more people to our unique keyboards.


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