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Lofree Four Seasons is a mechanical keyboard for the 21st century

Article taken from Digital Trends   Modern technology just a bit too … modern for you? If the design aesthetic of the 21st century has you longing for something a bit more retro, there may be a solution. Meet the Lofree, a nostalgic yet decidedly new-age keyboard that combines elements of the past with today’s innovations and advances. Heralded as “the first mechanical keyboard inspired by typewriters,” the Lofree is an elegant take on a generation past.Following a successful initial Indiegogo campaign that raised over $700,000, Lofree is now back with its second-generation keyboard. Called the Four Seasons, the new keyboard features four new sets of mixed-color keycaps to bring some whimsy into your typography, as well as a few...

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This mechanical wireless keyboard combines the best of new and old

Article taken from Cult Of Mac   Keyboards have come a long way, but not always in a better direction. Get your hands on a clackety old mechanical keyboard and you may wonder why soft keys became a thing. And the look of old keyboards, especially typewriters, are masterclasses in classy design. The Lofree Four Seasons Wireless Keyboard combines what’s best about new keyboards with what’s best from classic ones. The second version of this charming retro design comes with an improved keyboard layout and optimized Gateron Blue switches for less forceful typing. Meanwhile, backlighting lets you type on your iOS device, Android or Windows PC in the dark. So you can get the familiar tactile touch of a mechanical keyboard...

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Geek Review: lofree Mechanical Keyboard (Taobao Version)

For those with access to China’s online marketplace Taobao, forget about the lofree Indiegogo fundraising campaign. It has been on sale in China for a few weeks now and while it’s on backorder with most vendors, the wait is just a few days.This is the same product by the same team, and the Taobao one looks identical to the Indiegogo one as far as I can tell. The product name on the packaging is DOT here in China, and the brand lofree appears in very small print on the base. I’ve been using the keyboard for a week and here are my thoughts.Design The lofree keyboard looks great. Everyone stopping by my desk gave it a second look. The Sans...

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This TV-shaped speaker is the cutest gadget to grace your nightstand

Article taken from The Next Web   Shenzhen, China-based hardware brand Lofree is slowly making a name for itself in the world of tech accessories. Its latest offering, the QTV alarm speaker is absolutely adorable, and could make for a great addition to your nightstand – or a gift for people who enjoy retro design.The company is presently crowdfunding the QTV via Indiegogo, which means you’re taking a bit of a risk when you place an order. That said, Lofree has made good on its previous promises to deliver a larger speaker and a wireless mechanical keyboard, so it should hopefully be able to ship this on schedule by July as well. Here’s what you get for your money. Design The...

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A retro-style Bluetooth keyboard for classic typewriter fans

Article taken from CNET   The Lofree keyboard has an adorable retro design that looks and sounds like a typewriter. There are two types of people in this world: those who like cute things, and those who don't. The Lofree Bluetooth keyboard was made for the first group. Its adorable design, with rounded edges and circular keys, is reminiscent of a classic typewriter. And as a mechanical keyboard (versus a more pedestrian membrane keyboard), it was made to sound just like a typewriter, too. There's no shortage of mechanical keyboards with minimalist appeal, yet ones that would actually catch the eye of a hip lifestyle blogger or design nerd are few and far between. If you desire an attractive keyboard that'll take your Instagram-worthy...

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