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Obsessed in the design of "Less is More, Less is Better", Lofree Block takes you back to classics with Braun elements, including smooth knobs for volume control and mode shift, eyeable status panel, self-lubricated switches and very quiet sound foundation, and hopes to bring your pure spirit back to the origin.
Not IncludedPBT Mouse(Block Version+$59)

"BLOCK" from Classics

Designer Talks

"It has always been important to me to have restrained aesthetics and features that are as optimized as possible. Calm, sober and intelligent surprise should always be possible by design." --- DIETER RAMS

As a designer brand, Lofree is also looking for the meaning of "Less is More". By recalling the design classics and guided by "less", the representation of the minimalist geometric "Block" is connected with our inner peace.



There are two round knobs - The Hermès orange at a glance increases the overall vibrancy of the keyboard. We hope that users can truly experience the nostalgic operation of retro radios while controlling the volume and connection methods.

Volume Knobs - 360° rotation for volume+/- with unlimited design, featuring one press for mute/unmute.

Mode Knobs - Three shifts for wireless/cable/off.

Eyeable Panels

Practicality ranks top in Lofree's principles.

Get rid of the status chaos - An minimal status panel not only can display the lock state of numpad area and caps, but also can intuitively see which device is currently connected, even the remaining power indicator is also equipped.

14 White Backlit Effects

Use key combinations to quickly switch between multiple lighting effects for a more harmonious and unified minimalist picture.

Sound Engineering

Gasket and Lofree's effort in Sound Foundations.

Self-designed Stabilizer + IPXE + Foam Padding go between switches and PCBA, dampening the sound of every click, while the Poron reduces the cavity sound between PCBA and bottom case.

Quadruple Sound Dampening

PC-Soft Oriented PCB

Lofree Customized Stabilizers

Typing Sound from BLOCK

TTC BLOCK Swtiches

Full POM, Hot-Swappable

About the switches, Lofree Block uses a Full-POM switch customized by TTC. POM material is able to be self-lubricating. It can be mentioned that we have also electroplated the shrapnel, terminal and made the 22mm spring silver-plated. In terms of smoothness and durability, we have made long-term considerations.

BLOCK is hot-swappable, allowing you to easily replace or upgrade your switches without soldering

TTC BLOCK Switch Specifications

  • Total Travel: 3.8 mm

  • Pretravel: 1.6 mm

  • Actuation Force: 43gf

  • Bottom force: 50gf

  • Spring length: 22 mm

  • Stem/Top Housing/Bottom House: POM

2000mAh Battery,


Compatible with Mac/iOS, Android and Windows 8/10, BLOCK is easily connected to your iPad, iPhone, Laptop and PC(up to 3x devices in Bluetooth mode).

The large juice can support continuous typing time from 10hrs(backlit on) to 80hrs(backlit off), with a fully charging time of 2.5 hours.



Switch Type: BLOCK Switch, Full POM by TTC

Structure: Gasket

Number of Keys: 98

Number of Multifunction Keys: 13

Knob: Volume & Connection

Hot-swappable Support: Yes

N-key Rollover Support: Yes

Backlight: White-LED

Backlight Modes: 14

Compatible System: macOS/Windows/Android/iOS

Angle: 4º/ 8º


Mode: Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4Ghz or Wired(Type C)


Case: ABS

Keycap: Dye-Sub PBT


Battery Life: 2000mAh

Charging Time: 2.5 hours

Working Time (all lights on): 10 hours (lab test result)

Working Time (all lights off): Up to 80 hours (lab test result)

Size and Weight

384 x 126.5 x 19.5 mm


Package Content

1 x LOFREE BLOCK Keyboard

1 x Type C Cable

1 x User Manual

1 x Warranty Card

1 x QC Certificate


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