Lofree | Build Your 2㎡

About Us

Lofree is a brand that was born out of the creativity of a team of intelligent designers. With a background of designing more than 150 electronic products in the keyboard and related consumer electronics sectors, our founder and designer, Tim Chu, has over 20 years of experience. We have a clear understanding of individuals who cherish their personal space. Lofree innovates fascinating and refined products to motivate like-minded individuals to curate their own chic 2m² space conveniently, shaking off the mundane aspects of life. We put a strong emphasis on the relationship between people, products, and space in daily life. Not only does it focus on product functionality, but it also maintains a unique and eye-catching appearance. Always offer a sensory experience for touch, sight, and hearing.

Our Mission

Each 2㎡ in our life ought to be segmented into distinct areas. Every individual deserves to be treated with genuine care. We aim to connect with and assist those who are sensitive, artistic, and energetic.


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