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A Home Style Mechanical Keyboard.

The LOFREE 1% "Moru" Transparent Mechanical Keyboard adds classic elegance to any workstation. Inspired by Moru Glass, it features keycaps with stripes reminiscent of traditional glasswork, all beneath a comfortable typing surface. 7 LED effects recreate a warm, traditional atmosphere - perfect for the home office. Plus, IXPE foam and rubber pads make it a silent companion for your workspace. Bring some extra style and comfort to your office with this gorgeous keyboard.


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DIY Magic Tool

LOFREE 1% "Moru"

Moru Glass Style

7 LED Effects

Clear Keycaps

Multiple Systems

Kailh Jellyfish

Dual Mode Connection

68-Key Layout

Bluetooth V5.1

A Home-Style Keyboard

We continue to focus on how to achieve harmony between space and products, life and experience.

When the work-from-anywhere becomes popular, the keyboard has long been separated from the busy desk and the tense studio, home entertainment is also inseparable from a proper keyboard, why not have a mechanical keyboard with great home style?


Inspired by Moru Glass

Moru Glass, the celebrity in patterned glass of home decoration.

The stripes of Moru Glass appear beneath the upper side of most keycaps, giving a real Moru Glass look while still providing a comfortable typing experience.

Plant Your "Garden"

The biggest reason why 1% series so see-through is the hollow structure of keycaps. As for a home-style keyboard, it is great for those who grow favored plants inside home so that you can plant some little gadgets in the space bar and other keys.

You can DIY your own style or stay tuned with our upcoming plant prebuilt keycaps set.

Warm Lights Souls

Touch the warm glow with 1% "Moru" mechanical keyboard. Originally 7 LED effects preset with backlit. We believe the warm light is a better choice in a "candlelight" room.

No Light
Warm Light

The Warmer, The Quieter

Silent companion for your own workspace.

Poron and IPXE Foam go between switches and PCBA, dampening the sound of every click, while the rubber pad reduces the cavity sound between PCBA and bottom case.

Work of Art,

Work of Productivity

Smooth Typing matters most. 

Pre-lubed Kailh Jellyfish Switch features PC housings, transparent stem and gold-plated spring to improve your fingertip feel. It's guaranteed to minimize noise and maximize rebound. 

Kailh Jellyfish Switch Specifications

  • Switch Type: Linear

  • Total Travel: 4 mm ± 0.3 mm

  • Pretravel: 2 mm ± 0.3 mm

  • Actuation Force: 40 gf (± 10 gf)

  • Bottom force: 60 gf (± 10 gf)

  • Spring length: 18 mm

2000mAh Battery,


Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows8/10, 1% "Moru" is easily connected to your iPad, iPhone, Laptop and PC(up to 3x devices in Bluetooth mode).

The large juice can support continuous typing time from 10hrs(backlit off) to 100hrs(backlit on), with a fully charging time of 3 hours.



Mode: Bluetooth 5.1 / Type-C

Dimension: 306 x 144 x 30.6 mm

Keyboard Weight: 812g

Features 68-key layout

Pre-installed Kailh MX Jellyfish Switch

Singular White LED(warm)

Baterry: 2000mAh

Charge duration: 3hrs

Work Time: 10hrs(backlit off) to 100hrs(backlit on)

Support Windows, MacOS/iOS and Android

Light Effect Operation

Effect Switch
Press right upper corner [Fn]+[Backspace]

Light On/Off
Long Press right upper corner[Fn]+[Backspace] for 2 seconds

Brightness +/-
Press right upper corner [Fn]+[↑] for brightening
Press right upper corner [Fn]+[↓] for darkening

Flicker Frequency
Press right upper corner [Fn]+[←] for slowing
Press right upper corner [Fn]+[→] for speeding

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