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Typing Comfortably on every fingertip TOUCH!


The ergonomic, curved design of the LOFREE TOUCH keyboard reduces the risk of chronic strain and discomfort, while PBT keycaps, Gateron G Pro switches, and two size configurations make this mechanical keyboard highly customizable. Dozens of keycap themes provide infinite possibilities to tailor the keyboard to your personal preferences.


68 Keys100 Keys
TofuNo Keycaps

Note: $10 Random 68-Keycaps Set is a special deal which is not refundable, returnable or exchangeable.

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Designed for Entry Level "Tailors"

Ideal for those who love a personalized keyboard but don't have the time or patience for extensive customization, LOFREE TOUCH allows for keycap swaps and switch changes with ease, making your typing life more efficient and enjoyable.


With Designers and Users

Since 2022, LOFREE has launched a Co-Creation Plan with invited graphic designers and users from all walks of life, releasing more than 40 sets of PBT keycaps to provide infinite possibilities to tailor the keyboard to your personal preferences.

It is our intention to make everyone's keyboard different, and it is our desire that personalization be continuously satisfied.

Here are the most popular keycap sets and explore more on KEYCAP SETS

Funny "Pets" Holder

LOFREE offers a holder plate for TOUCH keyboard, enabling a possibility that you can put on your favorite figurines, extra keycaps or LONELY, our IP mascot.

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Product Features

9° Curved Shape

Comfort matters most, without compromising the aesthetic feeling.
We give LOFREE TOUCH an 9° Curved Shape centered on the wrist, which ensures each finger can easily touch each key, effectively reducing the pulling pain of fingers and improving typing efficiency.


Gateron G PRO(Red)

Hot-Swappable means you can change your prefered switches without soldering. LOFREE TOUCH is is compatible with standard 3pin and 5pin mechanical switches.
Comes with pre-installed Gateron G Pro(Red) mechanical switch, LOFREE TOUCH is bent on improving typing experience.

  • Operating force: 45±15 gf
  • Pre-travel: 2±6 mm
  • Travel distance: 4±0.4 mm
  • Pre-lubed: Yes
  • Behavior: Linear
  • Usa scenario: Office/gaming

Self-Innovated Profile

Dye-Sub PBT

In terms of keycap profile, we designed it 0.65mm spherical angle on SA-like shape, reducing finger fatigue.
Made of 85% content of PBT material and featured featured dye-sub legends, LOFREE TOUCH's keycaps will never shine or wear out for years

  3 Types of Connections

Bluetooth V5.0

2.4G Wireless Receiver

Type C

3 Devices in Bluetooth

You can connects with up to 3 devices via Bluetooth and switch among them easily.

Multisystem Layouts

From Mac to Android to Windows

LOFREE TOUCH is one of the few mechanical keyboard featuring Mac and Windows layout media keys. Use the functional keys easily switching from Mac and Windows by Fn+N/M.

N-Key Rollover

68Keys or 100Keys, with N-key rollover (NKRO) you can register as many keys as you can press at once without missing out characters.

Productivity Ensured

Work at Any Will

3 X AAA Battery

30-Day Typing

68Key Specifications

Mode: Bluetooth 5.0 / Type-C / 2.4G Wireless

Dimension: 310 x 109 x 51.5 mm

Keyboard Weight: 720g

Keycap: Dye-Sub PBT

Features 68-key layout

Pre-installed Gateron G Pro (Red) Switch

Hot-Swappable: Yes, Standard 3pin and 5pin


Baterry: 3 x AAA Battery

Typing Time: 30 Days

Support Windows, MacOS/iOS and Android

100Key Specifications

Mode: Bluetooth 5.0 / Type-C / 2.4G Wireless

Dimension: 367 x 129 x 54.5 mm

Keyboard Weight: 1010g

Keycap: Dye-Sub PBT

Features 100-key layout

Pre-installed Gateron G Pro (Red) Switch

Hot-Swappable: Yes, Standard 3pin and 5pin


Baterry: 3 x AAA Battery

Typing Time: 30 Days

Support Windows, MacOS/iOS and Android

What's in the box?

  • Package x 1
  • User Manual x 1
  • Warrenty Card x 1
  • 2.4G Wireless Receiver x 1
  • AAA Battery x 3
  • Type C cable x 1
  • Accessory Box x 1
  • Manual Cover x 1
  • Keycap x 1
  • Holder x 1

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Grace Sun Ka Hei
such a great product

The greatest mechanic keyboard ever. The typing sound is so buttery soft and soothing, nothing overwhelmingly loud. Also, it is very super ergonomic!


Fantastic product!


LOFREE TOUCH Triple Mode Mechanical Keyboard - Tofu

Great quality!

In love with my keyboard and key caps! If you’re on the fence about getting it - just do it! It’s worth it.

I’m in love!!

I searched for a LONG TIME for a keyboard. I wanted a very particular sound but honestly, I didn’t want to have to put it together myself. Not only are all the components expensive, but I don’t trust myself to lube it properly, etc. So I was looking for a good quality, pre-built board that didn’t cost me $1000+. Finally I saw someone unbox and test this keyboard and I fell in love. When I saw that it’s reasonably affordable, I fell even more in love. I love the sound, the simplistic look, the size/option to include the number pad, and the option to use it wired or wirelessly. It came packaged super securely and I’m not sure if I’ve ever been more excited to get a package! Sure, shipping isn’t overnight or anything, but it ended up coming even sooner than the estimated arrival date - super worth waiting a few extra days for! I LOVE using it and I’m constantly trying to think of more things I could type as an excuse to get to use it. I’m so so happy with this purchase and I’m sure at some point in the future, I’m going to switch my work computer over to one of these keyboards, too. It feels wrong to type on anything else now! I could not recommend it more!!