1% Transparent

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  • Futuristic aesthetic design
  • Transparent texture of keycaps and switches
  • Mirror-like bottom base
  • Kailh MX linear switches
  • Durable PC material for keycaps
  • White backlight with multiple modes of variation
  • A 68-key layout
  • Connect via Bluetooth or USB-C
  • Compatible with MacOS, iOS, Windows, and Android


Crystal Version, Futuristic Feel.

Embrace the future with the 1% Transparent mechanical keyboard, where futuristic aesthetic design meets captivating ice cubes. Its transparent keycaps and 'jellyfish' switch bodies not only exhibit an ultra-modern look but also enhance your interaction with every keystroke, aligns with the attitude of pursuing beauty and a sense of technology in life.


Pure Clarity with 1% Transparent.

The 1% transparent redefines futuristic aesthetic. It marvel pairs the icy transparency of keycaps with the elegance of jellyfish-hued transparent switches. Thanks to high-quality PC material, the keycaps endure without yellowing. The clear composition extends throughout, offering a look that's as pristine as it is durable, ensuring your workspace is illuminated with a touch of sophistication.


Mirror-Like Bottom Base

Experience the superior craftsmanship of the 1% Transparent, featuring a stunning mirror-like bottom and precision-engineered construct . This keyboard combines high-quality materials with a sleek design, offering durability and style. Perfect for discerning users, it provides a solid, luxurious base that enhances both aesthetics and performance.


Flawless Typing Brings Smoothness.

Experience unparalleled smoothness with the 1% Transparent, designed for rapid, fluid typing. The Kailh linear switches, paired with custom-developed keycaps standing at an ideal height, ensure each keystroke is smooth and precise. The total travel of 4 ± 0.3mm enhances responsiveness, making this keyboard perfect for intensive typing work. Embrace the blend of innovation and comfort with every press of the key.

  • Switch Type: Linear
  • Total travel: 4 ± 0.3mm
  • Pretravel: 2 mm ± 0.3 mm
  • Actuation Force: 40 gf (± 10 gf)
  • Bottom force: 60 gf (± 10 gf)
  • Spring length: 18 mm


Radiant Glow. Tailor Your Luminance.

Illuminate your typing experience with the 1% Transparent, featuring elegant white backlighting that complements its crystal-clear keyboard design. With 7 distinct lighting effects, 4 brightness levels, and 4 blink frequencies to choose from, you can customize your keyboard’s glow to match your mood or environment perfectly.

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Effortless Bi-Modal Connectivity

Experience the bi-modal connectivity of instant switching between Bluetooth and wired USB-C with the 1% Transparent. It's not just a keyboard, it's your effortless gateway to multiple devices.

Seamless Switch, Multi-OS

1% Transparent enables a smooth workflow across MacOS, iOS, Windows, and Android, offering consistent, reliable typing on all devices.

In the box

1 × Lofree 1% Transparent Keyboard

1 × USB-C Cable

1 × User Guide

Tech specs


Number of Keys: 68 (65%)

Number of Multimedia keys: 12

Switch Stem: MX

N-key Rollover Support: Yes

Switch type: Linear

Backlight: White, 7 effects, 4 levels of brightness

Hot-swappable Support: No

Size and weight

Size: 306mm x 144mm x 30.6mm

Weight: 812g


Frame: PC

Keycap: PC


Connection: Bluetooth 5.1 & Type-C Wired

Compatible System: Windows, Android, macOS, iPadOS, iOS

Bluetooth Name: 1%@Lofree


Battery capacity: 2000mAh

Charging Port: USB-C

Working time: Up to 60 hours

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Drew Turner
Awesome Keyboard!!

This keyboard is legitamate! The transparent keys and switches are superb and very aesthetically pleasing. The tactility and sound of the switches are great as well! Very smooth.

Steven huang
Great keyboard!

I have used this keyboard for almost a year now. I intially bought this keyboard just because its look, didn't have any expectation on the keyboard itself. However, this keyboard really surprised me.

The typing sound really nice, and switches are pre-lubed, so they are very smooth to type on. (Even after a year of useage, still smooth as new, durable).

The white lighting effect shines on this keyboard, brighter than 99% of the keyboard in the market due to its transparent keycap and switches.

Dirty like dust, hair, nails are not so visible in this transparent keyboard. Therefore I didn't spend much time cleaning it compare to other keyboards.

Great keyboard overall, the only cons I can think of is the price.

Josephine Folino
Love it

It's so fun and sounds so good!

Ana M D
Love it!

Looks great, sounds super nice, easy to setup and really comfortable to use.

Super quality

Love the look and design of this keyboard. Really love the premium thocky sound it makes on key press. Love the chrome housing. It looks perfect on my desk.