Valentine's Day Sales: Colorful Mechanical Keyboard Will Be the Best Gift

Valentine's Day Sales: Colorful Mechanical Keyboard Will Be the Best Gift

Many people worry about Valentine's Day gifts. What kind of gift can express your love for her/him? A colorful mechanical keyboard is an option you can't miss. As a practical and beautiful product, the colorful mechanical keyboard is sure to catch his/her attention.

Know about colorful mechanical keyboard

Because of its comfortable typing experience and beautiful appearance, a colorful mechanical keyboard is popular with the public. Each stroke on the beautifully made keyboard can bring unique fun and ideal tactile feeling to users. If you spend most of the day coding, typing, or playing games, the colorful mechanical keyboard can better meet your needs than an ordinary keyboard. A colorful mechanical keyboard can bring you a new experience, and its compact and simple design makes your office environment more comfortable.


A mechanical keyboard can provide a good hand feel mainly because of its core component: the shaft body. The user experience of different shaft bodies is also inconsistent. The following are several shaft bodies commonly used in a mechanical keyboard.

Blue switch

Typing on the blue switch keyboard, you will hear a crisp sound. Compared with other switches, the popularity of the blue switch is the highest, which is very suitable for users who use mechanical keyboards for the first time. The blue switch has a strong sense of typing rhythm. If you are a special typist or a writer who often needs to type, the blue switch keyboard will be a very suitable choice for you.



Compared to the blue switch, Ergonomic's typing feel is softer. This shaft is a universal shaft, which is suitable for office use and games.


Red switch

The red switch mechanical keyboard has a low typing sound and a rapid rebound. It feels like pressing a spring. The red switch keyboard works well for both gaming and typing needs.


Linear Action

The key range of linear action is very short. It is considered to be the first choice for game players. It has an excellent performance in the game. The linear action mechanical keyboard will bring a hearty experience to the player's game process.


Different people have different requirements for keyboard touch. Users can choose different shafts according to their needs.


The colorful mechanical keyboard brings you a wonderful visual experience.

In addition to the good touch and powerful functions of the mechanical keyboard, the colorful mechanical keyboard has perfect color matching, which can bring you an excellent visual experience. Lofree dot keyboard is unique in design and color matching. Lofree lipstick keyboard is themed with lipstick and contains 79 different cosmetic colors. Bright colors are enough to show your gorgeous image. Lofree chocolate keyboard is fashionable, which makes your office environment fashionable and generous. Lofree milk tea keyboard focuses on warm colors, simple and elegant. These colorful mechanical keyboards are the best gifts for Valentine's day.

Get your great Lofree products on Valentine's Day sales

Lofree's mechanical keyboard, mouse, calculator, backlight, and other products are popular with the public. Don't miss Valentine's Day sales of our products to get your best colorful mechanical keyboard.


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Whether you are working or playing games at leisure, the Lofree colorful mechanical keyboard will be your best companion. Contact Lofree to learn more about the Lofree dot keyboard.


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