Christmas Sales: Lofree Launches New Bluetooth Wireless Mouse

Christmas Sales: Lofree Launches New Bluetooth Wireless Mouse

Christmas is around the corner. Have you chosen a gift for your family or friends? Do you have the trouble of not knowing the choice because there are too many kinds of gifts? Don't know how to prepare exquisite gifts for her/him? Then you have come to the right place. Lofree has beautiful and powerful products. Here you can see a variety of retro wireless keyboards. In addition, Lofree recently launched a new Bluetooth wireless mouse. Let us take a look at this new product.


Lofree petal mouse

Lofree's products are welcomed by many consumers with their unique design, and this new Bluetooth wireless mouse is no exception. You can customize a unique petal mouse at Lofree. This Bluetooth wireless mouse looks young and lovely, which can make your desktop full of vitality. Here are five highlights of this product that you can't miss.

Unique design

With such an innovative and unique design, the Bluetooth wireless mouse may not be able to find a second one on the market. This Bluetooth mouse for laptops is available in two colors. Its design is inspired by nail aesthetics. Its exquisite beauty is undoubtedly welcomed by women. If you haven't selected a good Christmas gift for your girlfriend, you must not miss this Bluetooth wireless mouse, which is beautiful and full of cuteness. In addition to the feminine design, the body size of the Lofree petal mouse is also specially designed for girls' small hands. In addition, this Bluetooth mouse for laptop is connected to a cute little furry ball, which resembles the tail of a bunny.


Applicable to multiple systems

In addition to its beautiful appearance, this Bluetooth mouse for laptops can meet all compatibility requirements. You can link this product to Windows, MAC/IOS, and Android systems.


2.4G and Bluetooth dual-mode connection

For a wireless mouse, the connection mode is naturally concerned by consumers. This Lofree petal mouse supports a dual-mode connection of 2.4G and Bluetooth. The mouse wireless connection mode lets us get rid of the shackles of wire and gives us a simple and clean desktop. Mobile devices such as tablets, laptops, and mobile phones can preferentially use Bluetooth to connect to this mouse.


Long service life & super long endurance function

Lofree Bluetooth wireless mouse has ultra-low power consumption, and its AA alkaline battery can last for up to one year. With this Bluetooth wireless mouse, your work will not be hindered too much by the lack of equipment.


DPI adjustable

This Bluetooth mouse for laptops not only flatters girls in appearance, but its operating experience is also deeply loved by girls. You can find the most suitable sliding speed by adjusting the DPI. The left and right buttons can be clicked without too much effort, which is very suitable for girls. And the rebound of the left and right buttons of this Bluetooth wireless mouse is fast and powerful, and the response is sensitive. Lofree petal mouse supports 800/1200/1600/2400/3200 five scales of DPI adjustment.

Lofree Christmas sales

Where to find the best wireless mouse for laptop? Lofree is your best choice. Lofree is passionate about creativity and design, and our products are designed to soothe your soul through their minimalist and functional design. Lofree promotes the products during the Christmas season. You should seize the opportunity to buy your favorite product. For only $69, you can get this high-value and powerful Bluetooth wireless mouse. Compared with those rigid traditional mice, it is obvious that the Lofree petal mouse has a less strong industrial style and cute style. This Bluetooth wireless mouse can undoubtedly win the favor of girls. In addition, Lofree also launched Surprise Box, and you can get surprise gifts for only $100. You are welcome to our official website to learn more about promotional activities.

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