Mid-summer Collection: Best Retro Wireless Keyboard You Can’t Miss

Mid-summer Collection: Best Retro Wireless Keyboard You Can’t Miss

Keyboards and typing technologies have come a long way over the past decades. We have seen keyboards evolving in the past years. A Keyboard is a widely used computer accessory, and an office cannot run without the aid of a mechanical keyboard. Keyboards came in different shapes and designs. For instance, in the 70s and 80s spherical keycaps were popular until they are replaced by cylindrical keycaps. But in the past years, we have seen that people prefer the old spherical keycap design over the cylindrical ones because of their feel and classy retro look. The novel retro wireless keyboard is the latest trend. In this article, we are going to discuss retro wireless keyboards in detail. 


Why is the mechanical keyboard popular?

There are plenty of types of keyboards available in the market. Some of the most common kinds include Mechanical keyboard, membrane keyboard, flexible keyboard, ergonomic keyboard, gaming keyboard, etc. But out of all these keyboards, the mechanical keyboard is the most popular. They are popular because of the following reasons: 


  1. They are durable with usually a longer lifespan than membrane keyboards. 
  2. A mechanical keyboard can last up to 20-70 million keystrokes compared to a membrane keyboard which lasts only 5-10 million keystrokes. 
  3. The switches of a mechanical keyboard can be easily replaced. 
  4. They provide a comfortable typing experience. 
  5. Easy to repair 
  6. They are designed to reduce stress on your wrist. 


What’s the best mechanical keyboard for summer? 

If you are a typist and you are bored with your dull old keyboard. Then you need to switch to the innovative retro wireless keyboard. Choosing the best mechanical keyboard for summer is not an easy decision. Let me simplify things for you: Lofree brings you the most exciting mid-summer collection at the most reasonable price. 


Reasons to choose Lofree Mid-summer:


1.Unique design 

Lofree Mid-summer accompany presents to you a unique design you have ever seen. The retro wireless keyboard comes with in-built soft and comfortable visual effects that make your typing experience memorable and interesting. Moreover, the White LED monochrome backlight has four brightness levels, thus giving you more brightness options. Also, the unique bubbly keycaps give you a different vibe.  


2.Perfect color matching

The retro wireless keyboard is covered with a vintage green color following the Morandi color schema. We have chosen the color combination based on extensive research and designed it from the user’s perspective. 


Lofree Mid-summer collection

Lofree is excited to present to you its mid-summer collection, which includes five innovative products, namely a retro wireless keyboard, a wireless mouse, a dot calculator, a reversible mat, and a palmer. Let me tell you more about each product:  

Mid-summer green mechanical keyboard

Our mid-summer green mechanical keyboard has a unique design and perfect color matching. That will go nicely with your office setup. The retro wireless keyboard has many amazing features, such as:


  1. Intelligent sleep mode
  2. Wireless/wired connection with a smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc. 
  3. White LED monochrome backlight with four adjustable brightness levels
  4. 4000mah Lithium battery 


Mid-Summer Green Wireless Mouse

The second product in our Mid-summer collection is the green wireless mouse. It is inspired by wavy potato chips, and the buttons prevent slip. Moreover, it is 100% supportive of your high-speed working. Some of the key features of our wireless mouse are as follow: 


  1. Multi-finger gesture supported 
  2. It can be connected to two devices simultaneously 
  3. Sensitivity can be adjusted between 800-3600. 
  4. Only a three-minute charging time gives you a working time of 8 hours. 
  5. Compatible with all types of operating systems 


Vintage Minimalist Calculator

The vintage minimalist calculator is designed to make boring mathematical things fun. The cute and round dot keys will take the fun of calculation to the next level. This Lofree calculator can display up to 10 digits, and it also has low power consumption. 

Mid-summer reversible mat 

The mid-summer reversible mat is designed to bring an excellent feel and look to your office. Your boring working experience will be dramatically improved with this reversible mat. The vintage Morandi green color will release off your stress and provide you a soothing feel. 


Why Lofree?  

Lofree produces the most unique and creative products at the most reasonable price. We are sure that you will love our products and it will surely turn out to be a worthy investment in no time. 


Lofree is the most trusted brand in computer accessories production. We are committed to creating an ultimate desk setup with our unique products. Contact us today and buy the latest retro wireless keyboard. 


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