Valentine's Day Sales: Which Mechanical Keyboard to Buy?

Valentine's Day Sales: Which Mechanical Keyboard to Buy?

Valentine's Day is coming. Have you prepared a gift for your lover? A well-prepared gift will help you further your intimate relationship. Don't know how to choose the right gift? A mechanical keyboard is a gift that won't make mistakes. You know, the keyboard is almost something that many people can use. But the mechanical keyboard has various designs. Do you know which mechanical keyboard to buy? Let's discuss it together.

What should you consider when purchasing a mechanical keyboard?


Keyboard size

As there are different sizes of mechanical keyboards, do you know which mechanical keyboard to buy? Mechanical keyboards for office come in a variety of sizes. Not only the standard 104-key, but you can also find 87-key and 84-key keyboards on the market. The Lofree dot keyboard can even implement a 79-key design. Some gamers will think that the number keys are indispensable, but for most office workers, the compact keyboard design is more convenient.



Which mechanical keyboard to buy? When purchasing a mechanical keyboard, you should consider whether the mechanical keyboard supports Bluetooth or a USB connection. Wired USB is the default on most mechanical keyboards. But if you often need to carry the keyboard for travel or business trips, a keyboard that supports Bluetooth connection should be your first choice, which will make your journey more convenient. 

Design style

When buying a mechanical keyboard, you should consider your office style to decide which style of keyboard you want to buy. Your office may be industrial style, modern style, creative style, etc. If you can buy a suitable keyboard according to the office style, then your office environment must be very comfortable. 


Which mechanical keyboard to buy? With Lofree's unique and varied designs, you're sure to find a Lofree dot keyboard that suits your office style. Lofree milk tea mechanical keyboard fits your modern style office. The Lofree lipstick keyboard is very creative and just meets the needs of your creative office style because it is composed of 79 completely different keys based on the lipstick theme. The Lofree Black gold mechanical keyboard is the best choice for an industrial-style office. It is popular with many men for its metallic and mechanical style. If you travel a lot or are a freelance writer, then you must not miss the Lofree Wanderfree Portable Mechanical Keyboard. Lofree Wanderfree is designed with a luggage-like cover design with footpads and lockers to better protect your keyboard from damage and prolong its life.



Which mechanical keyboard to buy? The compatibility of your mechanical keyboard affects its convenience. Finding a compatible mechanical keyboard needs some effort. But thankfully, the Lofree dot keyboard provides the convenience you want. Lofree dot keyboard is compatible with Mac, desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, including operating systems such as Windows, Android, and IOS, allowing you to switch freely between multiple devices and systems.

Valentine's Day sales from Lofree

Which mechanical keyboard to buy? Lofree products are on sale during Valentine's Day. You can get excellent products from Lofree at a favorable price. Don't miss this chance to get your mechanical keyboard for the office.


These are promotions on Lofree products within January

  • 8% off for all Lofree products from January 1 to January 8
  • 15% off for the first 50 orders from January 9 to January 22
  • $10 off over $100 for Lofree keyboards from January 23 to January 31
  • $20 off over $200 for Lofree keyboards from January 23 to January 31
  • $30 off over $300 for Lofree keyboards from January 23 to January 31


Lofree is a company with a passion for creativity and design. We always pay attention to people's preferences and needs and strive to design more products that benefit the public. We believe that high quality and unique style should be reflected in mechanical keyboards simultaneously. After reading this article, you must know which mechanical keyboard to buy. You are welcome to contact us for more information about our mechanical keyboard.


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