Valentine's Day Sales: 5 Best Lofree Mechanical Keyboards for Her

Valentine's Day Sales: 5 Best Lofree Mechanical Keyboards for Her

Have you prepared a Valentine's Day gift for your girlfriend? Valentine's Day is the best time for you to show that you value her. Lofree has prepared a Valentine's Day gift list for you: 5 best mechanical keyboards for girls. Lofree mechanical keyboard integrates high appearance and high performance, which will surely surprise her!

Lofree lipstick keyboard

Whether it is text office or game entertainment, a mechanical keyboard is a popular choice. Many mechanical keyboard manufacturers in the market mainly design mechanical keyboards from the point of male demand, ignoring the needs of female users. However, the fact is that with the popularity of the Internet, the Lofree mechanical keyboard has also been welcomed by many women. Starting from the aesthetic needs of women, the Lofree lipstick keyboard takes lipstick as the design theme and contains 79 keys of different colors. Not only does the Lofree lipstick keyboard have an outstanding appearance, but it has an excellent typing feel and moderate pressure. Even if you use this colorful mechanical keyboard for typing or playing games for a long time, you won't feel tired.

Lofree chocolate keyboard

Lofree chocolate keyboard can help you prepare for a sweet and special Valentine's Day! Lofree chocolate keyboard is a limited edition of Valentine's Day. It is only launched during Valentine's Day activities. At present, there are only three sets left! Don't miss this perfect opportunity to get your first chocolate keyboard! Lofree chocolate keyboard integrates the characteristics of chocolate and is designed by integrating three different types and colors of dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate. In addition, this Lofree mechanical keyboard has a battery life of more than 5 hours.

Lofree milk tea keyboard

In order to improve work efficiency and have a more comfortable working environment, keyboards are a must-have item. Especially for people who often code words or play games, a satisfactory keyboard is essential. Lofree milk tea keyboard is designed for urban women, simple and elegant. Milk tea is popular with many women. A cup of milk tea at work can relieve stress. Lofree milk tea keyboard is designed with milk tea as its design concept. It has 79 milky white keys, which perfectly reflects the warm color of milk tea, and there is no conflict between the 79 keys.

Lofree Mid-Summer keyboard

Long-term boring work makes people feel tired. At this time, you need an object with a creative color design to brighten your eyes. Based on Retro Green, the Lofree Mid-Summer keyboard presents a fresh style as a whole. This Lofree mechanical keyboard is compatible with a variety of devices and systems, supporting wired or wireless connections with smartphones, laptops, and tablets of windows, IOS, or Android systems. In addition, it also has an intelligent sleep mode, which can automatically save energy.

Lofree Wanderfree portable mechanical keyboard

The proportion of women in the workplace is getting higher and higher, and more and more female workplace elites have emerged. They may need to travel frequently. There are also many women who choose to freelance. They usually only need a computer and a keyboard to complete their work without restrictions on time and place. For this group of people, it is especially important to have a keyboard that is easy to carry, which directly affects the comfort and convenience of their work. The Lofree Wanderfree portable mechanical keyboard allows you to take it anywhere and use it anytime, anywhere. This Lofree mechanical keyboard is designed with a luggage-like cover with footpads and lockers to better protect your keyboard from damage and extend its lifespan. This Lofree mechanical keyboard is the most thoughtful Valentine's Day gift.


Valentine's Day sales on Lofree products

Lofree has great promotions during Valentine's Day activities. You can enjoy 8% off for all of our products from January 1 to January 8. And you can enjoy 15% off for the first 50 orders from January 9 to January 22. Moreover, from January 23 to January 31, you can enjoy $10 off over $100, $20 off over $200, $30 off over $300 for all of the Lofree mechanical keyboards. Don't miss the great chance to get an excellent and favorable colorful mechanical keyboard

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