Hit the Road with Lofree Portable Mechanical Keyboard

Hit the Road with Lofree Portable Mechanical Keyboard

The comfort and easiness that portable mechanical keyboards provide to their users have made them popular all across the globe. This rising tendency towards portable mechanical keyboards can be characterized by the style these devices bring to users lives and the ease it provides to the user. It is only a matter of time that people will only be looking at the keyboards from a design and usability perspective, ignoring everything else. Interestingly Lofree wanderfree keyboard provides you with both of these qualities, which makes it an in-demand entity for the “on the way” groups which is always up and ready for traveling, whether for business or casual purposes.


Why Customers Choose Lofree Wanderfree Keyboard

The “on the way” groups prefer Lofree’s portable mechanical keyboard in big numbers for various reasons given below.

Before the trip


  •   A nice luggage cover design brings you a good mood.

The most important thing before hitting the road is to bring yourself in a good mood. And Lofree’s portable mechanical keyboard easily serves this purpose. Its elegant cover design is capable of bringing a smile to your face just before kicking off your journey.


  •   All different stickers decorate your keyboard set.

The portable mechanical keyboards of Lofree are well-decorated with stickers over different buttons that attract people towards the device. These stickers add beauty to the final product, making them the first choice of travelers and “on the way” groups.


Hit the Road

Once you hit the road, Lofree’s retro wireless keyboard will help you with the following purposes.


  •   Small size:

On the road, when you have too many things to carry, the lightweight Lofree wanderfree keyboard reduces the burden on your shoulders. As it just weighs 953 grams with the dimensions of 342.5*138.5*33.7mm, it is surely the most lightweight keyboard you can find in the market.

  •   More convenient

You do not have to carry the portable mechanical keyboard all alone. Instead, it comes with an easy-to-carry cover that is enough to help you in carrying this keyboard. The cover also protects the keyboard from all sorts of dust.


  •   84 keys ABS button design

Whether you want to play games or do work with the Lofree wanderfree keyboard, you can easily do it without any worry. With 84 keys ABS button design, the keyboard is easy to carry and convenient to use for a variety of purposes. As ABS is the most commonly used keycaps material, it gives users a smooth experience.


  •   Long battery life

The most devastating problem users find in today’s keyboards is the need to recharge them again and again. However, with the Lofree wanderfree keyboard, this struggle also seems to be over for you. You can easily use this keyboard for your day-long work, which allows you to charge the keyboard only once a day when you get back to your hotel.


  •   Powerful compatibility of Bluetooth

As Lofree’s portable mechanical keyboard allows for Bluetooth compatibility with almost every device, so you have no need to worry about incompatible devices anymore. You can even lend your keyboard to others without any compatibility issue and use it yourself with your different devices quite seamlessly.


  •   Special retro design

Possessing Lofree’s portable mechanical keyboard itself speaks volumes about your high-class taste due to its retro design. Your circle will surely be impressed with you if you have the latest keyboard, which is not only soothing to the eyes but also brings unprecedented value to your lifestyle.


  •   Type C connector

One of the major advantages of this portable mechanical keyboard is that it can be powered or charged using a Type-C connector, which is the latest available technology in the market. It allows you to charge your devices faster, and if you are using the connector for wiring purposes, you can easily use the keyboard without any lagging.

Suitable for Gift Sending

While you can always buy a Lofree keyboard for your own travel, however gifting it to others is also a feasible option. When you see someone in your circle struggling to find a good portable mechanical keyboard for their next journey, you can get Lofree’s keyboard to gift to them. It will not only help them in their journey but also assist you in strengthening your relations with your colleagues and relatives.



Believing in innovation, Lofree is creating new designs and pleasant-to-eye mechanical keyboards that provide new solutions to the “on the way” groups. We strive to make good quality keyboards available to everyone who is struggling to find a good portable mechanical keyboard. Our ultimate focus is to make travelers’ experiences easy and smoother so that they do not feel burdened in any sense.


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