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How Lofree Blended Nostalgia With New Tech For Two Crowdfunding Hits

Article taken from Forbes   Like many bohemian creative types, product designer Tim Chu is not yet 40, but his taste for aesthetics and culture is much older. Having spent 15 years designing more than 130 electronic products for renowned Chinese electronic brands like TCL and Skyworth, Chu had to constantly shelve his love of vintage culture for the modern/futuristic look that electronic brands -- especially upstart Chinese ones -- covet. Three years ago, Chu decided it was time to pursue his dream and started Lofree with several other like-minded designers. Their vision was simple: to create products that combine modern tech with an oldschool vibe. With their first product, Chu and his team wanted to play it safe and go for a somewhat...

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This Cute Retro Bluetooth Speaker Packs a Powerful Punch

Article taken from Sweety High   We're all about modern tech dressed up in a shiny retro package, and Lofree's new Poison speaker is just that.Clearly it's cute, but does this gadget get the job done? The speaker's Kickstarter page launched today, but we got the chance to test it out early to see what it's really capable of doing. The speaker has three different modes. In the aux mode, you can use the included auxiliary cord to plug in any devices with a headphone jack for the easiest access to your music. Setting up the Bluetooth isn't too complicated, either. When this second mode is activated, you simply need to press the dedicated Bluetooth button for a moment until the light on...

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This New Mechanical Keyboard Feels Just Like A Real Typewriter From The Past

Article taken from Bored Panda   Lofree is a startup who has designed these awesome portable keyboards, which are a throwback to yesteryear because they’re inspired by mechanical typewriters. The keyboard is available in a series of bright pastel colors, which is a nice break from the standard black/white/silver layout on your phone, tablet or laptop. They also look and sound ridiculously cute thanks to their rounded buttons, and mechanical switches, which give a satisfying “clack” when you hit them. Yet despite looking to be from an era when granny always baked an apple pie, telephones were made of bakelite, TV was black and white, and people were sepia and walked funny, the Lofree is very much part of 2017. It...

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