Now that Santa Claus 🎅 is coming to town, it’s time to pick the best gift for yourself and your loved ones. What if you aren’t quite sure what you should get for all the beloved but fancy, practical, or picky people in your life? 🤔

We at Lofree have a wide selection of mechanical keyboards. It’s easy to feel like you would want to buy them all. They say there’s no limit to love, but your budget is probably not limitless. 

Keep reading to discover the best Lofree products to help you check everyone off your gift list. 👇


The Ol' but Good Mechanical Keyboards


Who said that mechanical keyboards are a thing of the past? Design your desk setup with the minimalist but colorful design of the Lofree keyboards. 

Don’t stop at the keyboard, though. Buy the full collection to match everything perfectly, just like you want it. 🎁

What You Should Know About the Lofree Mechanical Keyboards:

  • 79 vintage dot keys
  • White LED monochrome backlight with 4 adjustable brightness levels
  • 4000mAH lithium battery
  • Intelligent sleep mode
  • Wired/wireless connection for smartphones, laptops, and tablets with Windows, IOS, or Android.




What it Means for You


79 Gateron keys

Their full N-key rollover will save you from any embarrassing typos during even the most rushed high-speed typing


LED monochrome backlight with 4 adjustable levels of brightness

Each Lofree keyboard will automatically set itself to sleep with it's smart sleep feature after a period of inactivity

Battery Capacity

A 4000mAH lithium battery

Use your Lofree keyboard for 5 hours with a single charge!


Windows, Mac/IOS, Android for PC, smartphone, and tablet

Use the Lofree keyboards with any of your devices, from Android to iOS


Wired & Bluetooth

Connect the Lofree keyboards either wired or wirelessly to your laptop, MacBook, tablet, iPad, smartphone, and anything more


The Cozy Choco Mech Keyboard (Limited Edition!) 🎄

The Colorful Bloom 💄

The Sweet Milk Tea 🥛

The Practical Bubble Cloud ☁️


      Talking About Collections...


      Why get only one keyboard when you can buy the full set?

      What You Should Know About the Lofree Mouse Sets:

      • Multi-finger gesture supported
      •  Connects to 2 devices simultaneously via 2.4G and Bluetooth
      • Adjustable sensitivity from 800 to 3600
      • A 3-minute charge lasts for 8 hours of work
      • Compatible with Windows 10, Mac, and iMac systems










      What You Should Know About the Lofree Calculators:

      • Scientifically easy to use layout
      • Screen display with 10 digits
      • Low power consumption (an AAA battery lasts for 500 hours)
      • Intelligent sleep mode



      The Mighty Black Gold Collection 🖤

      The Essential Summer Collection 🌻

      The Fearless Knight Collection ⚔️


        Other Lofree Collections


        The Bloom Collection 💄

            • Full - Bloom Mechanical Keyboard + Mouse + Calculator
            • Mouse - Bloom Mechanical Keyboard + Mouse 
            • Calculator - Bloom Mechanical Keyboard + Calculator 


        The Milk Tea Collection 🥛

            • Full - Milk Tea Mechanical Keyboard + Mouse + Calculator
            • Mouse - Milk Tea Mechanical Keyboard + Mouse
            • Calculator - Milk Tea Mechanical Keyboard + Calculator


        The Bubble Cloud Collection ☁️

            • Full - Bubble Cloud Mechanical Keyboard + Mouse + Calculator
            • Mouse - Bubble Cloud Mechanical Keyboard + Mouse
            • Calculator - Bubble Cloud Mechanical Keyboard + Calculator



        The Catchy Speakers


        You need a beautiful but powerful speaker to play your favorite Christmas playlists. Wear that comfy home clothes you love and get in the holiday mood with the Lofree Poison Speaker 🎶

        What You Should Know About the Lofree Poison Speaker:

        • Works as a radio and speaker
        • 10m wireless connection in open areas
        • With a battery capacity of 2000mAH
        • Around 6 hours of working time
        • Available in at least 3 colors




        The Stylish Black Gold Poison Speaker 📻

        Buy a beautiful all-black Lofree Poison Speaker as part of the Black Gold Collection!



          The Snug Candly Lamp


          Unplug after a long day with the Lofree Candly Lamp and its oil-lamp design. Everything else can wait. 🔥

          Buy the Lofree Candly Lamp as part of the Black Gold Collection!

          What You Should Know About the Lofree Candly Lamp:

        • Adjustable brightness from 1% to 100%
        • Able to dance with the rhythm from the Poison Speaker





          The Retro Pilot Fans


          It’s always summer somewhere around the world! The Lofree Pilot Fans will be your biggest fans throughout the year. ❄️

          What You Should Know About the Lofree Pilot Fans:

        • 8 hours of use with one single charge
        • Long-lasting 3.7V 4000mAH lithium battery
        • 9 levels of adjustable wind force and a flexible fan rotor
        • Quiet fan below 30dB
        • Available in 3 colors




          The Bubble Ultrasonic Cleaner

           Cleaning has actually been a trending topic all year. However, using any cleaning products is often not enough to kill the germs that infiltrate our everyday lives. That’s why you need an ultrasonic cleaner to disinfect all of your daily belongings. 🤶

          What You Should Know About the Lofree Bubble Ultrasonic Cleaner:

        • Made of 304 stainless steel 
        • With V0-level PC fireproof materials
        • 2 colors available
        • Wash all your accessories at 360°


          Happy Holidays from Lofree!


          2020 has been a tough year and you might not feel in the mood to celebrate. But everything will be back to normal soon, or at least we wish so. We also wish the best to you during this holiday season and beyond. ❤️