In the Autumn of 2023, Lofree released our new keyboard

Lofree DOT Mechanical Keyboard | FOUNDATION

After 7 years, Lofree had witnessed the joy of 2 million non-gaming female users while they got the DOT series mechanical keyboard

We have a deeper understanding of the combination of geek and beauty

Why can’t a geek gadget be beautiful at the same time?

That's why we bring this new DOT to show our coming new users

Before the Foundation keyboard is officially launched overseas

We held a new product launch release in Shanghai, China, let us have a quick view together

Surroundings of the new release conference, We created a pink and fashionable neighborhood that fits the beauty theme

The entrance is a handcuff that symbolizes the meaning of beautiful imprisonment.

In the inner hall, we created 12 2m² with different themes of beautiful life

Beautiful models were invited to showcase Lofree products

As for whether beauty is guilty, we invited guests to discuss this topic

About the concrete expression of beauty, a shadow puppet show called Lonely Flower had showed this topic more clearly

The red silk thread represents the cage, and we invite guests to explore the beauty inside


After the discussion, we prepared a beautiful dinner. To show beauty is indeed an enjoyment.

Beautiful music is also what we wanted

That’s it, a short quick few of the new release

Lofree DOT Mechanical Keyboard | FOUNDATION will be officially launched in overseas markets on Nov. 21, 2023 PST.

At that time, we will show you a complete introduction to foundation keyboard.

Let us stay tune!

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