LOFREE x B.Duck DOT Typewriter Mechanical Keyboard

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Bundle:Standard (with Palm Rest & Mat)
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LOFREE has partnered with the renowned B.Duck to create a singularly stylish mechanical keyboard, featuring custom designs and a variety of keycap colors. The standard collection comes with a B.Duck Dot keyboard, palm rest, and dual-sided reversible keyboard mat. Of course you can pick up more with Mouse and Calculator.


The Classic Lofree Dot Keyboard With A New B.Duck Twist

Get the great classic Lofree Dot mechanical keyboard in a bright, bold new way. By collaborating with the popular B.Duck, Lofree is bringing to you a brand new mechanical keyboard with custom B.Duck designs and keycap colors. 

B.Duck is Fun, Bright, and Colorful 

B.Duck is an new take on the classic rubber duckie we played with during childhood.
The bright B.Duck is fun, playful, designed for people of all ages. With B.Duck’s twinkly eyes, puffy lips, big tummy, and variety of bright colors, it brings all its customers a fun innovative reiteration of the classic rubber duckie. 

A Complete Set 

The Lofree X B.Duck collection comes with a complete set: a B.Duck Dot keyboard, palm rest, and dual-sided reversible keyboard mat. Lofree aims to bring back a sense of nostalgia with all its products. With the B.Duck inspired collection, Lofree aims to bring people back to childhood with their favorite rubber duckie. 

Lofree B.Duck Dot Keyboard 

A typewriter inspired mechanical keyboard that comes with round keycaps and Gateron Blue switches to bring you a blast from the past. Give life to your desk with this fiery yellow and the cheerful orange combo to boost your mood and productivity.

Accurate and Ergonomic 

It’s composed of 79 keys with a full N-Key Rollover type keyboard to allow you to accurately type multiple letters at once without any latency. Also, with its 6º incline, alleviate stress on your wrist and finger with type longer more comfortably. 

A Backlit For Any Setting

With it’s smart sleep mode, a 4,000mAh battery capacity that is 4X more powerful than NiMH batteries, and power saving backlits that are simple yet elegant, this keyboard can last for months without a single charge. It’s four adjustable backlit brightness levels can let you adjust it according to your needs.

Fits In Any Space

It’s right angle USB cable allows you to take full advantage of the USB port even in the tightest spaces without any trouble.

Compatible With All Your Devices

Features both a wired/wireless (Bluetooth) mode, it works perfectly with any mobile phones, computers, tablets. Compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Ergonomic Palm Rest 

Its 20mm ergonomic design and memory foam constructed lets this yellow keyboard palm rest pad conform to your wrist for exceptional comfort. With its ultra-smooth PU surface, it is easy to keep it clean and vibrant. 

Reversible Keyboard Mat 

A two-in-one, its dual-sided keyboard mat features a radiant yellow and playful black side; the one-stop-shop to help keep your desktop nice and organized. Made of natural rubber and durable multi-spandex material, with a 900x320mm dimension, it is large enough for any desk sizes.

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Number of Keys: 79 (Mechanical Switch) 
Number of Multimedia Keys: 12 
Main Body Material: PC 
Keycap Material: PC and ABS 
Key Switch: Gateron Blue


Size: 296.6*144.5*30.6mm
Weight: ~ 800g 
Operating Environment: -10 to 50℃


Backlit: White LED 
Battery: 4,000mAh Li-ion Rechargeable Battery 
BT Working Time (Backlit 40%): Around 3 weeks (Single Charge) 
BT Working Time (Backlit 70%): Around 2 weeks (Single Charge) 
BT Working Time (Backlit 100%): Around 1 week (Single Charge) 
Charging Time: Around 5 hrs (USB 3.0) 
Charging Port: Micro USB 
Mode: Bluetooth/Cable 
Bluetooth Operating Distance: Up To 10m (Open Space) 
Bluetooth Device Name: DOT@LOFREE


B.Duck Mechanical Keyboard
USB Charging Cable
B.Duck Palm Rest
B.Duck Mat

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