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This mechanical wireless keyboard combines the best of new and old

Article taken from Cult Of Mac


Keyboards have come a long way, but not always in a better direction. Get your hands on a clackety old mechanical keyboard and you may wonder why soft keys became a thing. And the look of old keyboards, especially typewriters, are masterclasses in classy design.

The Lofree Four Seasons Wireless Keyboard combines what’s best about new keyboards with what’s best from classic ones. The second version of this charming retro design comes with an improved keyboard layout and optimized Gateron Blue switches for less forceful typing.

Meanwhile, backlighting lets you type on your iOS device, Android or Windows PC in the dark. So you can get the familiar tactile touch of a mechanical keyboard under your fingers, while also getting the benefits of wireless connection and other goodies. No wonder it blew past its Indiegogo goal earlier this year.


Pictures by Cult of Mac Deals