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"This speaker has a huge central speaker, rotating dial, and built-in FM radio — just like the days of yore. But look closer and you'll notice it is portable and has Bluetooth connectivity. "


"Vintage is back in vogue and if you’re in search of nostalgia, you need to look no further than the Lofree Poison"

"It provides great sounds in a tiny, retro body, which is a win-win in my book."

"Don't think the Poison's radio-inspired look is superficial, because it has a built-in FM tuner and dial that makes it a fully functional radio."

"...this thing is loud. Loud enough that I would rarely move past the first volume level on my iPhone or Mac."

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"When Alice Cooper recorded Poison in the late ‘80s it’s fairly safe to say he wasn’t singing about having a retro-styled Bluetooth speaker running through his veins."

"as you can imagine from this vintage set, the speaker functions through radio channel surfing, but can also work with an AUX connection and wirelessly through bluetooth."

"Inside are two 10W dynamic drivers to give you the depth your music deserves"

"It pulls of the classic car look without being cheesy, able to sit next to any of your modern devices."

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"The unique design of the speaker's back makes these low frequency sounds feel just right."

"Lofree is a pretty new name in the tech world, but the brand has already impressed style-conscious gadget geeks with its ridiculously beautiful mechanical keyboard, and now they’re back with another droolworthy offering: the Poison speaker."