The 1%

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Go minimal with the original purity and reveal the raw 1%

LOFREE 1% は、キーキャップ、スイッチ、シャーシが透明で仕上げられた完全シースルーのメカニカル キーボードとして設計されています。 LOFREE 1% は 7 つの白色 LED バックライト効果を備え、2㎡ のオフィスに没入できる独特の雰囲気を提供します。

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Introducing The LOFREE 1%

See Through

7 LED Effects

Clear Keycaps

Multiple Systems

Kailh Jellyfish

Dual Mode Connection

68-Key Layout

Bluetooth V5.1

What is 1%?

1% is the cross line between good and best. Go minimal with LOFREE ultimate purity in your personal desktop setup.We gave LOFREE 1% transparent PC material to highlight and reveal the raw beauty of our craftsmanship, from keycaps through the bottom case.

Why is 1% Impressive?

At the very beginning of designing LOFREE 1%, the keycap mount became an "eyesore" on the transparent appearance, which looks literally uncomfortable. However, we came up with a solution - a hollow structure

Through the upper and lower parts, the mount shaft is removed to the bottom of keycap and a hollow upper keycap is rebuilt.

The hollow structure also brings the unexpected surprise, which means you can add some personalized creation into the hollow space.

Explore more of Keycap DIY Set for LOFREE 1%(Click here).

BAYER Material

The first thing to type is the first thing to see. We use premier PC material as keycaps in LOFREE 1% and make them 99% high transparency. As you can see, if we forward 1% more, it is no exaggeration to say the whole keyboard would be vanished. We refuse simple and rude design.

Work of Art,

Work of Productivity

Smooth Typing matters most. 

Pre-lubed Kailh Jellyfish Switch features PC housings, transparent stem and gold-plated spring to improve your fingertip feel. It's guaranteed to minimize noise and maximize rebound. 

Kailh Jellyfish Switch Specifications

  • Switch Type: Linear

  • Total Travel: 4 mm ± 0.3 mm

  • Pretravel: 2 mm ± 0.3 mm

  • Actuation Force: 40 gf (± 10 gf)

  • Bottom force: 60 gf (± 10 gf)

  • Spring length: 18 mm


No Fingerprint

We've cleared the way of everyday use of LOFREE 1% mechanical keyboard. The character on every keycap is processed by pad printing and UV coating, achieving the result of non-fading and leaving no fingerprint.

Light Tips


short press to change light effect in order 


long press for 2 seconds to switch on/off

[FN+UP arrow]

short press to increase brightness

FN+DOWN arrow]

short press to decrease brightness

[FN+Left arrow]

short press to slow the blinking

[FN+Right arrow]short press to speed the blinking

Productivity Ensured

Work at Any Will

2000mAh Battery

3Hrs Charging

60Hrs Working

Typing Sound Test



Mode: Bluetooth 5.1 / Type-C

Dimension: 306 x 144 x 30.6 mm

Keyboard Weight: 812g

Features 68-key layout

Pre-installed Kailh MX Jellyfish Switch

Singular White LED

Baterry compasity: 2000mAh

Charge duration: 3hrs

Work Time: 60Hrs

Support Windows, MacOS/iOS and Android

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Ana M D
Love it!

Looks great, sounds super nice, easy to setup and really comfortable to use.

Super quality

Love the look and design of this keyboard. Really love the premium thocky sound it makes on key press. Love the chrome housing. It looks perfect on my desk.

Zijun Chen

Great lookin keyboard feels really good and great as a gift for someone

Giselle G

Looks and sounds beautiful. Wonderful production, love it so much.

Alina Taze
Beautiful keyboard

I personally really like the keyboard. Typing on it is smooth, has a nice sound and the perfect sensitivity. It connects and switches very fast between devices and the battery last pretty long too.

However, I ordered the mouse in a separate order a few days ago but sadly i got no message of delivery yet. I hope that it will get delivered soon, so that i can use the keyboard better. This is definitely a separate matter tho i would like to mention it and make aware that people who order these keyboards shod get a mouse definitely to use it properly.