セール価格$189.00 通常価格$239.00
  • Diverse foundation colors with custom-developed keycaps
  • Four-layer sounds filtering system
  • 1000Hz polliing rate
  • ABS and PC keycaps for environment protection
  • Gasket mount for better typing experiences
  • Connect via bluetooth, wireless and USB-C cable
  • Compatible with MacOS, iOS, Windows, and Android
  • Connect up to three devices


Typing with Elegance, Crafting with Shades.

Drawing inspiration from the design of makeup foundations, our keyboard showcases a palette of foundation shades. It also features a matte, textured finish that enhances the sensory experience, refined over several iterations. This thoughtful design not only adds personal style but also enriches the overall aesthetic, making each keyboard a unique piece of art that elevates your workspace.


A Testament to Craftsmanship.

Our custom-developed keycaps are the result of relentless refinement, undergoing 84 proofing adjustments, three experimental models, and 23 meticulous drawing fine-tunings. Craft dual-color keycaps using ABS and PC materials and single-color keycaps using only ABS, retained their vibrant colors without fading over time, also targeted to enhance environmental sustainability.


Superior Typing with Gasket Structure.

Embrace a superior typing experience with our gasket mount design. Engineered for comfort, our keyboards reduce resonance through a four-layer sounds filtering system, delivering a purer sound with every press. The result is a more satisfying tactile interaction that makes typing not just a task, but a pleasure.


Effortless Use from Custom Developed Switches.

Tailored for elegance and comfort, especially for female users. These switches feature a weight of 40g and are paired with a 16.4mm double-stage spring to ensure each keystroke is responsive and smooth, the total travel only need 3.2mm. Experience a gentle, smooth keystroke with rapid rebound that ensures long hours of typing without fatigue.

Pre-travel: 1.7±0.4mm

Total travel: 3.2±0.2mm

Operating force: 55±15gf

Spring: 16.5mm


Minimum Latency, Maximum Performance.

Reject any notion of delay with Foundation keyboards equipped with a 2.4GHz receiver, boasting a refresh rate of up to 1000Hz. This is an eightfold improvement over the standard 125Hz, providing responsive feedback for every command, ensuring no stroke is missed.

Efficient Switching for All Scenarios.

Maximize your efficiency and adaptability with the Foundation. Connecting the Foundation to up to three devices and quickly switch between your computer, phone, and tablet.

Seamless Switch, Multi-OS.

Foundation enables a smooth workflow across MacOS, iOS, Windows, and Android, offering consistent, reliable typing on all devices.


Radiant Glow. Tailor Your Luminance.

Illuminate your typing experience with the Foundation keyboard, featuring warm yellow backlighting that complements its matte finish keyboard design. With 7 distinct lighting effects, 4 brightness levels, and 4 blink frequencies to choose from, you can customize your keyboard’s glow to match your mood or environment perfectly.

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In the box

1 × Lofree Foundation Keyboard

1 × Keyboard Cleaning Brush

1 × USB-C Cable

1 × User Guide

Tech specs


Number of Keys: 84 (75%)

Number of Multifunction Keys: 10

Switch Stem: MX

Switch: Lofree × GATERON Foundation

Backlight: White LED (warm tone)

Backlight Modes: 7 effects

Hot-swappable Support: Yes

N-key Rollover Support: Yes

Switch Type: Linear

Size and weight

Size: 325mm x 160.5mm x 44.4mm

Weight: 972g


Frame: ABS

Keycaps: ABS/PC

Stem: POM


Connection Mode: Bluetooth 5.3 & 2.4GHz & Type-C wired

Bluetooth Name: DOT2@Lofree

Rolling Rate: 1000Hz

Compatible System: Windows, Android, macOS, iPadOS, iOS


Battery Capacity: 4000mAh

Charging Time: about 5 hours

Working Time: Up to 14 days

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Graciela Chaires
Lofree keyboard

I love my keyboard and the way it sounds

Jesse Sanford
Near perfection

Need a full size version now!! Would be way better for a real office environment (where it's operating). Please make your products hotswapable!


I CAN'T STOP LOOKING AT IT! (Fr I even don't want to blink)

Thank you Lofree!

Emely Z

Foundation Mechanical Keyboard

Gorgeous, comfortable keyboard

I'm in love with this 75% keyboard - I say 75% as it doesn't have the 10-key that regular keyboards have. I thought I would miss it and I do, but it was easier than I thought to make the switch to a more compact-yet-comfortably spaced keyboard. Typing is a dream. I think I put it best the 1st and 2nd days I had it - like typing on clouds. I enjoy the keycaps, how smooth-matte they are and how pleasant they feel to the touch. I tend to wear false nails a lot, and realized that the tips have created smudging on some of the keys, so if you tend to wear false nails (especially with color) or regular colored nail polish, I would be mindful of that. I think they may be able to be cleaned but have not tried yet. I love that the keyboard has the Delete, Home, End, Pg Up/Down keys on the far right without taking them out altogether because I use these keys very frequently. The ease of swapping between connected devices is so easy and there are many methods to choose from - 3 USB options and a 2.4G option for connecting to the included dongle for PC/laptop/etc. Just a press of 2 buttons and you can be replying to messages on your phone and then swap back to your work. The keyboard build is high quality - it's heavy without being bulky, yet easily portable (I took it to work in a medium tote purse with me and it wasn't very heavy at all). I like the rubberized feet that are underneath, but unfortunately there is no way to adjust the height of the keyboard or remove the two taller feet towards the top of the keyboard, so keep that in mind. Fortunately, the keyboard is very comfortable to type on and a good height for me, not too tall or short. The charging/connecting cable is of a nice, thick material and seems very sturdy. Overall for the price, I feel this was a very good buy, great quality and craftsmanship. Love, love, love. I included one of my favorite videos of it, seeing it pulse at night. It's a very cozy feeling typing in the dark with this keyboard. Such a dream!!