1% Moru

  • DIY keycaps with hollow interior design of keycaps
  • Reeded glass texture inside of keycaps
  • The transparency Kailh MX linear switches
  • Soothing warm yellow backlights with 7 lighting modes
  • A 68-key layout
  • Connect via Bluetooth or USB-C
  • Compatible with MacOS, iOS, Windows, and Android


Take Moments to Slow Down.

Discover the 1% Moru, a 68 layout-keyboard designed not just for typing, but for transforming everyday spaces into havens of serenity. Crafted to ease you away from the frantic pace of desks laden with tasks, this keyboard invites you to slow down and savoy life's finer details.

With its reeded glass texture keycap, and 7 lighting modes soothing warm yellow backlights, the 1% Moru is more than a keyboard —it's tool to give you an atmosphere of warmth and creativity. Experience warmth and creativity with the 1% Moru keyboard — more than just a keyboard, it's your tool to a serene atmosphere.


Silent Stroke, Resilient Build.

Experienced silent confidant in you space with 1% Moru. Poron and IPXE Foam are skillfully positioned between the switches and the PCBA, subtly dampening every click's sound. The rubber pad further lessens the cavity sound between the PCBA and bottom case, creating a serene typing experience that whispers, instead of shouts.


Flawless Typing Brings Smoothness.

Experience smoothness with the 1% Moru, designed for fluid typing. The Kailh linear switches, paired with custom-developed keycaps standing at an ideal height of 1cm, ensure each keystroke is smooth and precise. The total travel of 4 ± 0.3mm enhances responsiveness, making this keyboard perfect for intensive typing work. Embrace the blend of innovation and comfort with every press of the key.

  • Switch Type: Linear
  • Total travel: 4 ± 0.3mm
  • Pretravel: 2 mm ± 0.3 mm
  • Actuation Force: 40 gf (± 10 gf)
  • Bottom force: 60 gf (± 10 gf)
  • Spring length: 18 mm


Subtle Elegance. Creative Freedom.

Experience DIY keycaps with the 1%. Imagine a keyboard that holds more than just letters and commands—a space where your favorite keepsakes rest under the uniquely textured space bar, creating a gentle, obscured charm that enhances your life space with personal significance and aesthetic grace.


Glow with Comfort of Your Life.

The 1% Moru’s warm yellow backlighting doesn’t just illuminate—it enriches your environment with a cozy, inviting glow. Warm yellow backlight emits a soft, cozy glow, reminiscent of the first rays of sunshine filtering through the curtains onto your desk in the morning. Paired with 7 lighting modes, each tap brings a joyful cadence to your day, making every interaction a delight.

Effortless Bi-Modal Connectivity

Experience the Bi-Modal Connectivity of instant switching between Bluetooth and wired USB-C with the 1% Moru. It's not just a keyboard, it's your effortless gateway to multiple devices.

Seamless Switch, Multi-OS.

1% Moru enables a smooth workflow across MacOS, iOS, Windows, and Android, offering consistent, reliable typing on all devices.

In the box

1 × Lofree 1% Moru Keyboard

1 × USB-C Cable

1 × User Guide

Tech specs


Number of keys: 68 (65%)

Number of multimedia keys: 12

Switch stem: MX

Switch Type: Linear

Backlight: White LED (wam tone)

N-key Rollover Support: Yes

Hot-swappable Support: Yes

Size and weight

Size: 320mm x 117mm x 40mm

Weight: 812g


Connection Mode: Bluetooth 5.1 & Type-C Wired

Bluetooth Name: 1%@Lofree

Bluetooth Operating Distance: 15m

Power and battery

Battery capacity: 2000mAh

Working Time : Up to 60 hours


Frame: PC

Keycaps: PC

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