QTV Media



"The QTV is only a little larger than a tennis ball, and takes cues from the industrial design of chunky television sets from the 50s – complete with an antenna and a functional knob."

T. Frank

"the lofree QTV is adorable and portable… and wants you to love it for what it reminds you of, as well as what it’s capable of!"

"The new Lofree QTV retro wireless speaker is the perfect fit for the home or office because it combines modern technology with those appealing vintage aesthetics that are all the rage these days."

"...despite it’s vintage exterior, it’s got some pretty up to date tech under the hood. a 7v 2000Ah of built-in power gives users about 5 hours of constant playtime.

Crazy HD

"I was actually shocked at the strength and quality of the sound coming from this tiny speaker, and found that I never needed to use it at full volume, despite the fact that my apartment was filled with visiting friends loudly chatting with each other."

"I got the chance to play around with an early sample and I found that Bluetooth functionality is good and audio performance is surprisingly robust for a speaker of its size."