Mechanical Keyboard Design Ideas behind Lofree

Mechanical Keyboard Design Ideas behind Lofree

If you are looking for the most fashionable keyboard for the 21st century, Lofree will be the choice for you. The more you explore the keyboard design ideas behind Lofree mechanical keyboards, the more you will get enchanted by Lofree’s mechanical keyboard collection.

Keyboard Design Ideas Behind Lofree Mechanical Keyboards

Lofree has four representative mechanical keyboard kits, namely Lofree Lipstick Keyboard, Lofree Milk Tea Keyboard, Lofree Knight Keyboard, and Lofree Chocolate Keyboard. Each of the mechanical keyboards is made of Lofree’s custom keyboard design ideas, meeting the different needs of different customers.

  • Lipstick Keyboard – one of a kind, just like you

Inspired by the color shades of lipsticks, Lofree came up with the keyboard design idea of its Lofree Lipstick Keyboard. It makes the mechanical keyboard equipped with 79 keys painted with unique colors, from creamy white to bright pink to deep plum and everything in between. The colors are fresh and vivid as natural lipstick shades, making you fascinated with the mechanical keyboard once you use it. Placing the Lofree Lipstick Keyboard on your worktable just like the 79 dazzling lipsticks on your makeup table.

These unique key colors have gone through 79 kinds of complicated processes and more than 30 color scheme adjustments, creating a luxury makeup color palette. To ensure the accuracy and fastness of colors, Lofree uses a colorstay enhanced painting process in the Lofree Lipstick Keyboard, and works with international keycap producers. Lofree aims to decorate your 2 square meter space with a sense of luxury.

Moreover, the Lofree Lipstick Keyboard also applies an electroplating process to highlight its gorgeousness, lustrousness, and luxury.  


  • Milk Tea Keyboard – the collision of milk tea color and fashion

Working with a cup of milk tea has become a short break for city office ladies during busy working days. Interestingly, the color of milk tea will be distinct in different blending proportions, just like new urban women, mysterious and charming. These two similar but different characteristics jointly create the keyboard design idea of Lofree Milk Tea Mechanical Keyboard. Furthermore, soft and warm pastel tones, and just-right fashion sense are added to this mechanical keyboard, bringing you a cozy feeling.   


  • Knight Keyboard – knight spirit for the gentlemen like you

With a mystery black color and metallic texture, Lofree Knight Mechanical Keyboard brings you a cool sense of fashion technology. It is believed to be a special for mechanical and metallic lovers. Unlike traditional ones, the keyboard is designed with cute round dot keys and pleasant clicking sounds, which will bring a sense of happiness to your work. Also, its white LED backlight makes the cool keyboard design idea more stylish and generous, making your working space more iconic.  


  • Chocolate Keyboard – the best present for special you     

Chocolate is always one of the best gifts for your Valentine’s Day. Its sweetness, sourness, and bitterness just like the feeling you feel in a relationship, but it is still intoxicating that will remind you of the taste from time to time. That perfectly explains the keyboard design idea behind Lofree Chocolate Mechanical Keyboard. The keyboard is designed with three different kinds of chocolate colors – black chocolate, milky chocolate, and white chocolate – resembling the taste of love, sweet and bitter. Every time you tap the keyboard, you will relive the moment of heartbeat again and again.


We at Lofree keep producing creative keyboard design ideas for our mechanical keyboards. Lipstick Mechanical Keyboard, Milk Tea Mechanical Keyboard, Knight Mechanical Keyboard, and Chocolate Mechanical Keyboard are not the end for us. As one of the most sought-after mechanical keyboard brands on the market, Lofree will always amaze you with infinite imagination.