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Not only do you improve your typing experience, Digit’s playful design will look good in any setting.

Experience the craftsmanship and design of a classic typewriter with the modern features of the LOFREE DIGIT Calculator. Enhance your efficiency and productivity with the responsive typing experience of the mechanical switches – a unique way to make the everyday task of calculating a joy! With LOFREE DIGIT Calculator, you can have fun and get the job done.


The 1st Retro

Mechanical Calculator

3 Colors for Your Choice

The Classic LOFREE Design

Round Spherical Keycaps

Experience the nostalgia of an old-school mechanical calculator with the LOFREE DIGIT. Its unique spherical, round keycaps feel like a dream under your fingertips and add a beautiful aesthetic to your workspace.

Gateron Blue Switch

Its unique combination of mechanical key switches and modern functionality gives you an audible feedback - clicking and clacking - that inspires you to crunch the numbers faster and more effectively! Get the best of both worlds and feel the power of retro calculation with LOFREE DIGIT!

15º Design

Digit has a 15º tilted screen design for optimal vision clarity and stability. Calculate and read the screen with ease and comfort.

Auto Sleep, Long Lasting

Perfect for a modern environment, its auto-sleep mode ensures energy-efficiency and up to 500 hours of battery life with just one AAA battery.


  • Brand: LOFREE
  • Name: Digit Calculator
  • Dimension: 148 x 92 x 35mm
  • Weight: 162g
  • Battery: AAA
  • keys: 20

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Gabriela Marinho

LOFREE DIGIT Calculator | The 1st Retro Mechanical Calculator

karla Enriquez

LOFREE DIGIT Calculator | The 1st Retro Mechanical Calculator