Chess & Poker

Touch Series Dye-sub PBT Keycaps

Sale price$49.99

Number of Keycaps: 68 Keys
The package includes a keycap puller.

Poker Meets Chess

Welcome to the Chessboard Kingdom, a fantastical realm where the suits of cards and pieces of chess converge under the rule of King K and Queen Q. In this innovative kingdom, the four suits of poker, clubs, hearts, spades and diamonds merge with the chess pieces, rook, bishop, pawn, knight, to create a playful and immersive experience. Breaking away from the traditional black and white, our keycaps dazzle in a vibrant mix of red, yellow, and black, offering endless possibilities. As life mirrors a game of chess, these keycaps remind us to find our place and shape our destinies in the colorful kingdom.

68 Keys

100 Keys

Tech specs


Lofree Touch Series keyboard




1.5 mm




Lofree Touch (Self-innovated): 17.5mm

In the box

1 × Keycaps/ 1 × Keycaps puller/ 1 × User Guide