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5 Reasons Why You Should Own A Portable Speaker

5 Reasons Why You Should Own A Portable Speaker

You may already have a home speaker system or a pair of decent headphones for your Smartphone or music player; you know what, none of the above is comparable to a portable speaker.


Let me tell you why.

1. Use it around the house

A portable speaker allows you to listen to audiobook or music while cooking even showering without messy cable. Unlike using headphones, you can still hear a pot boiling over, or a doorbell buzzing.

Lofree Poison Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Olive Green)

2. Headphones Could Be Harmful

Headphones can put out dangerous sound pressure levels (SPL), especially when we expose to sound above 85 SPL, our hearing can be permanently damaged.


3. To Brighten Up Your Day

The portable speaker is perfect for sharing a great new song you downloaded to your Smartphone with a friend.

Lofree Poison Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (Venetian Red)

4. Use it Outdoor

Want some tunes in the backyard for a party or at the beach? Or add some music to your workplace and a good song with your buddies?  A portable speaker is your perfect partner.


5. Use as an Amplifier

Music enthusiasts connect the portable speaker as an amplifier to play their musical instrument anywhere, anytime, whether on the street, on your backyard, or during a road trip..


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The Lofree Poison is sold across 50 countries and use by musicians, and people who listen to music regularly. The quality of Poison is widely acclaimed.

lofree poison retro vintage wireless bluetooth speaker loudspeaker

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