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We Asked A Legendary Star About Portable Speakers

We Asked A Legendary Star About Portable Speakers

I had the opportunity to speak to Paul Wong this week about the myths of the speaker; Paul is a singer, musician and he is best known as the lead guitarist of the rock band Beyond formed in 1983, the band is considered as the most successful and influential Cantopop band from Hong Kong, has won over 300 awards across Asia.


“Salesmen always tell customers bigger is better, they are so wrong!” Paul said. According to Paul, bigger isn't always better; instead, we should consider issues like portability and the situation we play in when choosing a speaker/amplifier.

“A lot of global brands have set their sights on portable speakers, and they prove that double watt is not necessarily double the volume, as we hear logarithmically.” Says Paul. Paul told me that unless we're doing huge outdoor concerts, most amateur guitarists won't need megawatt, a portable speaker/amplifier with 20-watt is good enough for shredding a pub.

In addition to the size and watt, he has also noticed that people are obsessed with the brand name. ‘If you go for the top gear of a well-known brand name, of course, everything will be just great. However, every brand makes rubbish, if you can only afford to buy the cheapest model of those big brand names; I suggest you compare it to other amps and make sure you pay for quality and not for the brand.’

And we didn't just ask a legend, we also send some of our speakers to big media for review and the guys from DESIGN BOOM said "Even with its powerful and high-quality audio capabilities, as well as its range of technological advancements, the lofree ‘poison’ speaker is a compact unit that is portable that  vintage aesthetics."

The Lofree Poison speaker is supported by different musicians and people who listen to music regularly. The quality of Poison is widely acclaimed; we have sold over 4000 Poison speakers to more than 50 countries.



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