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3 Reasons Of Why Four Seasons Is Mechanical?

3 Reasons Of Why Four Seasons Is Mechanical?

Who says the mechanical keyboard is only designed for gamers? If this is what you think, let me lead you to think twice.

Lofree Four Seasons Mechanical Keyboard (Blue - Summer)

Ergonomic Feel: Attributed to the increased resistance(compare to rubber-dome keyboard), the mechanical keyboard allows you to mash key quickly and the keys are able to return to their original position faster than rubber-dome keys(check out what is rubber-dome keyboard here).

Mechanical keyboards are more responsive than rubber-dome keyboards. Mechanical keys have a spring to them, thus, return to their original positions quicker whereas rubber-dome keys often feel wobbly or mushy.

Lofree Four Seasons Mac Mechanical Keyboard

A One-of-a-kind longevity:Most mechanical keyboards switches can stand up to 50 million keystrokes or more(thanks to Gateron blue switch, Four Seasons does). The switches are made out of all metal. The metal-on-metal contact ensures for a longer durability and product life.


Typical rubber-dome keyboard is good for 10 million at most. The rubbers used in many rubber-dome keyboards deteriorate over time and result in sticky keys, collapsed domes, etc.)Thus, the rubber-dome will just wear out over time.


Bonus: "Modern technology just a bit too … modern for you? If the design aesthetic of the 21st century has you longing for something a bit more retro, there may be a solution." This is the 4rth reason to get Four Seasons, but we will let our friends from DIGITAL TRENDS tell you why in their full review here

lofree four seasons wireless bluetooth mac mechanical keyboard


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