Four Seasons

The Inspiration Behind the Spring Keyboard

The Inspiration Behind the Spring Keyboard

Each of the color for our Four Seasons keyboard holds a special meaning. We wanted to take this time to shine a light on our spring keyboard. When thinking about spring, we think about flowers blooming and plants coming back to life. The green in our spring keyword represents and celebrates life; old or new.

Lofree Four Seasons Wireless Mac Mechanical Keyboard - White Spring

Even the pistachio green keycap on the keyboard holds a meaning for us. It was inspired by Western Supply’s D2857A Truetone radio. The D2857A Trueton was released in the late 1950s, one of the most exciting time periods in history.

Western Supply D2857A Truetone

It was a time period where our country was flourishing as a nation and as a world. America was experiencing changes culturally in our society and making advancements in space with the Space Race.

History is not just in the past, it is what guides us to the future. We want to create products that draw inspiration from the past to incorporate in modern technology like our typewriter inspired keyboard.

Like Xiomara Blanco from CNET says "For the design-inclined with a soft spot for nostalgia, the Lofree is love at first sight" what means that we are achieving our goal.

lofree four seasons wireless mac mechanical keyboard

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