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The Story Behind Our Poison Speaker

The Story Behind Our Poison Speaker

Our mission from the beginning is to combine our affinity for the past with modern day technology. Speakers are something most people use on a daily basis. We use speakers in the mornings to get ready, while hanging out with friends, chilling in our free times, etc. Because really, what is life without music? Not a very good one in our opinion.

Poison Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

This started our mission to create a unique speaker that draws elements from the past but built with modern audio technology. We were especially inspired by the 50’s because it was a time where our country, as well as the world, was flourishing. Thus, the Poison speaker was born!


While Poison’s outer appearance is influenced by 1950s radios, its inner hardware is designed with the best acoustics. It’s engineered with a bass enhancement system that can produce mids and trebles through the front while a large diaphragm blast out the full-bodied bass in the back.


We’ve really enjoyed the whole journey into bringing our Poison speaker to live, but what makes it really worth it is getting to see how much joy it brings our consumers. It was such an honor to see our speaker getting featured on major websites like Forbes!

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But what really brought it homes for us was reading comments from our users, like the ones below, and seeing how much they’ve enjoyed using our Poison speakers. Getting to interact and read our customer’s reactions and comments are quite humbling and motivating. The feedback we receive from our customers is what really drives us in creating newer and better projects for Lofree.



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