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Introducing Karrie, A New Companion Of Lofree Keyboard

At Lofree, we always seek to improve and give more. After a lot of feedback from our customers requesting a way to protect the Lofree keyboard on-the-go, we put our designers to the test to find a solution. After several months and design iterations, we came up with the perfect solution. Let us present you Karrie, Lofree’s new member. A pouch designed specially to Karrie your beloved Lofree mechanical keyboard from Summer to Autumn through all the four seasons. Imagine a personalized sleeping bag for your keyboard with three sophisticated layers, will keep the keyboard safe free from damage. If you don't own a Lofree keyboard yet, take a look at the review from our friends of Bored Panda in which they mention that...

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3 Reasons Of Why Four Seasons Is Mechanical?

Who says the mechanical keyboard is only designed for gamers? If this is what you think, let me lead you to think twice. Ergonomic Feel: Attributed to the increased resistance(compare to rubber-dome keyboard), the mechanical keyboard allows you to mash key quickly and the keys are able to return to their original position faster than rubber-dome keys(check out what is rubber-dome keyboard here). Mechanical keyboards are more responsive than rubber-dome keyboards. Mechanical keys have a spring to them, thus, return to their original positions quicker whereas rubber-dome keys often feel wobbly or mushy. A One-of-a-kind longevity:Most mechanical keyboards switches can stand up to 50 million keystrokes or more(thanks to Gateron blue switch, Four Seasons does). The switches are made out of all metal....

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We Asked A Legendary Star About Portable Speakers

I had the opportunity to speak to Paul Wong this week about the myths of the speaker; Paul is a singer, musician and he is best known as the lead guitarist of the rock band Beyond formed in 1983, the band is considered as the most successful and influential Cantopop band from Hong Kong, has won over 300 awards across Asia. Credit@Discogs “Salesmen always tell customers bigger is better, they are so wrong!” Paul said. According to Paul, bigger isn't always better; instead, we should consider issues like portability and the situation we play in when choosing a speaker/amplifier. “A lot of global brands have set their sights on portable speakers, and they prove that double watt is not necessarily...

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Privacy Policy Changes

We have changed our policy statement in order to fulfill the GDPR regulations and protect your data even more. Take a look here at your rights regarding the data stored on our site.

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