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5 Ways Of How To Choose A Portable Speaker

5 Ways Of How To Choose A Portable Speaker

There are plenty of speakers on the market; it seems rather hard to select the perfect one. So, today we are going to give you the top 5 ultimate tips for choosing a portable speaker.


1. Size and Arrangement

The size and arrangement of the speaker is another crucial factor when choosing a portable speaker. Low-end Bluetooth speakers often have a single speaker concealed inside alone, which makes it lighter but the deliver a low-watt mono sound. Nicer speakers usually have 2.1 channel sound with a subwoofer, though the weight could be higher.

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2. Battery life

A portable speaker usually comes with a built-in batter, but not all built-in speaker batteries are created equal. Some only come with a few hours of operation time on a single charge, while some have up to 10 hours; thus this makes the latter a better option for longer trips.


3. Ruggedness

If you’re the type of person who likes to bring your portable speaker with you to the park or on the trail, you might want a durable speaker with the water-resistant feature, or can even survive underwater.


4. If you a Musician

Some speakers can be used as an amplifier for electric guitar, keyboard or even a dynamic mic. For example, some speakers allow users to work with apps for iOS and Android.


5. Price

Last but certainly not least when picking a portable speaker is the price. Just how much you’re willing to spend impacts your options, with a tight budget may limit your choices as well. Remember that a speaker is priced high does not mean it’s good.

Still not decided? Do you feel that "Clearly it's cute, but does this gadget get the job done?". Our friends from SWEETY HIGH asked the same question and the result is here.



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