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100+ Million Mac Users, But Only a Handful of Mac Mechanical Keyboards

Apple revealed there are nearly 100 million Apple Mac users in 2017. For a market with 100+ million consumers, there are only a handful of mechanical keyboards compatible with Macs. And even fewer mechanical keyboards designed for Mac users; the Das keyboard is one of those rare finds. When we first launched the Lofree Mac mechanical keyboard in 2017, we didn’t expect to receive such overwhelming responses. Our success was even hailed as a miracle by many keyboard enthusiasts on Massdrop. However, this just signifies that there is a demand for Mac mechanical keyboards. Mechanical and membrane keyboards differ in their key switches. While membrane keys make less noise, mechanical switches accentuates the audible clicks and springy tactile feedback. In...

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Welcome Palmer to the Lofree Family

Since we launched our first Lofree crowdfunding campaign, our mission is to create products that meet your needs. Thanks to Cameron Ross Steiner and other Lofree supporters, we finally found a name for the palm rest, the Palmer!  It’s the best companion for your beloved Lofree mechanical keyboard. Over the past few months, we’ve tested several kinds of material for the inner and outer layer as well as the stitching for the Palmer. After a series of user experience testings, we’ve finally perfected the designed for the Palmer. With the Palmer, make typing longer even more comfortable with its slow rebound memory cotton It’s simplistic design comes in 2 colors and pairs with desk setup. P.S. There were many great...

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An Exciting New Lofree X B.Duck Collab

B.Duck is known for being fun, playful, and is designed for people of all ages. With B.Duck’s twinkly eyes, puffy lips, big tummy, and variety of bright colors, it’s a fun innovative reiteration of the classic rubber duckie. Lofree aims to bring back a sense of nostalgia with all its products. With the B.Duck inspired collection, Lofree aims to bring people back to childhood with their favorite rubber duckie. By collaborating with the popular B.Duck, Lofree transformed the classic Dot keyboard with custom B.Duck designs and keycap colors. BUT, we didn’t just stop after the keyboard, we created an entire Lofree X B.Duck set! The Lofree X B.Duck collection comes with a B.Duck Dot keyboard, palm rest, and reversible keyboard...

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How to Protect Your Lofree Speaker & Keyboard's Battery Life

We are overwhelmed by all the love and support of our supporters and how much they show their love for their retro speakers and keyboards. We have received a lot of inquiries about how to protect the battery life to make the best of it. So, here are some tips from our engineer that can help you prolong the battery life of your products. Credit @superphenblog 1. Can I play songs or type while charging? Yes, you can do it, but it must be a 5V adapter that doesn’t exceed 2A.   2. When I use the keyboard/speaker for a long time, is it normal that the device gets hot? Is normal for them to get a little bit hot...

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The Inspiration Behind the Spring Keyboard

Each of the color for our Four Seasons keyboard holds a special meaning. We wanted to take this time to shine a light on our spring keyboard. When thinking about spring, we think about flowers blooming and plants coming back to life. The green in our spring keyword represents and celebrates life; old or new. Even the pistachio green keycap on the keyboard holds a meaning for us. It was inspired by Western Supply’s D2857A Truetone radio. The D2857A Trueton was released in the late 1950s, one of the most exciting time periods in history. It was a time period where our country was flourishing as a nation and as a world. America was experiencing changes culturally in our society and...

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