Tri-Mode Wireless Mouse

Sale price$69.994.5
  • 5 DPI stages (4000-3600-2400-1600-800)
  • Supports wired USB, 2.4GHz and Bluetooth connection
  • Connect to 4 supported devices simultaneously
  • Rechargeable battery supports up to 4 weeks
  • Textured PBT material that resists shine
Color: Tofu
Option: Mouse Only

MacOS devices do not support forward or backward function in Bluetooth mode.

Tofu or Block, Up to You.

Add a touch of your inner self to your every day with the Touch series mouse. Embrace a calming soft almond color palette or a soft grey base with warm orange highlights.




Tri-Mode Connectivity

Flexibility via wired USB, low-latency 2.4 GHz RF, or Bluetooth® mode that’s able to pair with up to two devices.

PBT Mouse

The Touch mouse is made of PBT material; this not only makes it more durable it also gives a more exquisite touch and lasting beauty.

Custom DPI Setting

Two DPI setting modes allow for a sensitivity rate as low as 200 DPI and as high as 4000 DPI, all without the use of software. The DPI settings in the factory are configured to 800, 1600 (default), 2400, 3600, and 4000. Press and hold the DPI button for 3 seconds, then adjust the sensitivity by scrolling to your desired level in increments of 200 DPI.

Ergonomics Redefined

Streamlined design to fit the natural curve of your hand and reduce fatigue after long hours of intense handling. Side buttons are positioned for better thumb accessibility.

Long-Lasting Battery

Built for longevity, the Touch mouse has a built-in capacity of 650mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery, ensuring ample power to last for 4 weeks on a single charge while staying future-ready.

Swappable Buttons

Easily swap out the clicker buttons and the upper case for various design versions. Give your mood and your desk setup a boost with a creative splash of bright color.

In the box

1 × Touch Tri-Mode Wireless Mouse

1 × USB-C Charging Cable

1 × User Guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
I was sceptical but i love it!

I read a lot of mixed reviews of this mouse, and almost didnt buy it, but finally desided to buy it anyways. And i’m so happy that i did because i love it! I use it for (light) gaming. I was afraid it would be too small for my hand as i think i have big-ish hand but it feels very good. As I said, i have read a lot of mixed reviews so i think this mouse is not for everyone but for me its perfect :)

Mark Ashcroft
Good mouse

Love the mouse. Very tactile
Feels great and premium

Almost Perfect

Overall the mouse works great. The design is amazing, color matched exactly what I was expecting, glides really well both on most surfaces, and was easy to pair and get working on both Mac and PC.

Only issues:
1. It's small. For reference, I mainly use a Logitech MX Master 3S and I can fully palm that mouse and it feels great in my hand. The Lofree Touch I have to awkwardly claw grip making it a bit uncomfortable for me. Since the palm of the mouse can be swapped out, I feel like Lofree could make an ergonomic palm plate that would 100% solve this issue.

2. The side mouse buttons (MB4 & MB5) both are quite mushy and way too soft. I wish they were more firm, like the left and right click buttons feel. Also I wished the side buttons would work on MacOS without needing the dongle.

Ty Cruz
very good

I really love this mouse i have had alot. i love the screen so much and the custom key caps and mouse face. It matches my keyboard which also has a screen so im so happy with this mouse. Would love to buy more custom swappable mouse caps and faces

Elisha Kim
PBT Mouse

It’s a really good mouse but sometimes the left mouse button sqeaks every time I click it and it really bugs me.